Despite what you may think, men are very neurotic when you don’t call them back. You should see when a group of men is sitting around talking about women who haven’t called them. I don’t include myself because I don’t care. I got passed that point in my life where care.

I remember back when I was in my 20’s. I am going to share a story that’s so personal, so painful, so hilarious to think about, that it literally feels like a lifetime ago.

I’ll call it, “The story of Holly.”

Holly was a girl I fell in love with.

She decided she couldn’t see me anymore, and this is after I took her to Jamaica, spent four days with her, and told her I loved her. I drove myself nuts because she didn’t love me back.

For Holly and I, it wasn’t meant to be. I remember how we broke up. I kept thinking she’d call. I’d literally walk the streets of Manhattan all day long. These are the days that we didn’t have voicemail. These are the days we didn’t have phones carried by our sides 24/7.

I remember calling my answering machine over and over again. At the time, I had a “Tears for Fears” song called the “Seeds of Love” as the introduction. It was sowing the seeds of love. Every time I called in and punched in my code, it would always say…

“Zero new messages.”

I kept thinking Holly would call. When she did call, my subliminal message of ‘sowing the seeds of love’ would make her realize that she was actually head over heels in love with me and that she should not break up with me. I used to do this all the time. I was always waiting for girls to call.

I’d wonder why they didn’t call. It’s amazing. I don’t care anymore. So if you didn’t want to call me back, I’ve got the attitude of fuck it, it’s not worth it. So many men don’t feel that way. So many men are raw, and vulnerable. So many men really care about whether the one special woman they think inside their head is “the one”, called them back.

Today’s video is called, “How Men Really Feel When a Woman Doesn’t Call Them Back”, and what they go through.

Honestly, I think you’re going to be shocked when you watch this. You’re going to realize just how sensitive the male really is. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so be sure to comment below.