46483720 - young couple lovely enjoying a cup of coffeeOne of you were always wondering how I date. Well, I’m not in a relationship right now. I don’t have a partner. What do I want? So I’m going to share with all of you. I’m literally going to use this as my vision board.

He’s likening a date to the vision board? Well, now I am.

I’ve made a decision recently after three years of being single — and I’ve been really single for three years. Not single and really dating; single and just being by myself.

The last few years, I’ve fully concentrated on being a father and concentrating on being a better friend, being a better person, being a better man.

Because I don’t want any of the same relationships I used to have. I want something that’s new, and I want something where I am in my life right now.

I’m looking for my high vibrational equal.

And right now, I’m definitely on that path. It’s amazing, when you write down what you’re looking for, how the universe starts delivering these people for you.

I’ve always been able to manifest anything I really wanted in life, and that’s how I date, as well.

So what do I want? What do I desire? I like the word desire, because it’s a more powerful word than want to me. Want is a word that young kids use. My daughter uses the word want. I want! It’s like a demand. I’m asking the universe right now for my high-vibrational equal. Who is she?

I don’t have an age on her, because I’ve never put an age on my partner. I know that she is seriously evolved.

She has spent time working on herself.

She knows her faults. She’s embraced her faults. She knows when she’s clearly in the wrong.

She’s humble yet honest. She’s loving, caring, soft, and warm.

She enjoys long, beautiful, incredible love-making sessions.

She’s looking for her best friend, that she understands what it’s like to love and honor another person.

She’s selfless, yet she knows how to take care of herself.

She could be a mom. She could have no kids.

She enjoys traveling, eating, and sharing.

She loves the fact that I’m a dad, and she understands how important that is to me.

She’s supportive in my ideas yet challenging me in ways that I need to be challenged.

She’s successful in her own right. She makes money. I’m not saying how much, but she’s successful, because that’s important to me. I’ve met enough women that have not been successful, and I’ve had to carry them. And I don’t really want to do that anymore.

She likes to cuddle, snuggle, and have deep, long conversation.

She’s ready for a man. She knows a great man when the man shows up.

She’s ready to be explored. She realizes she has not gotten everywhere she needs to get. She wants a partner to go there.

There’s a lot more, but that’s how I do it. I put together my thoughts, my visions, and I start resonating on it, and I allow the universe to literally let those up, because I constantly realize and I constantly think that if I put this out there, they are going to show up because they always have. I will have a loving and beautiful relationship. It’s coming.

So here I stand, ready and open, to whatever shows up because I know what’s going to show up, is going to be anything. And when it does show up, I’ll share with all of you, my relationship and how it’s impacted and changed my life, because I’m truly ready for the next level relationship in my life and I can’t wait. Maybe it’s one of you, maybe it’s one of you reading this right now. Maybe my words are resonating so much with you that you feel the need to contact me because you feel like you’re that woman.

One last thing: I’m mostly attracted to women who are also physical like me. I’m very into health, once in a while. I’m into working out, looking good, feeling good, being healthy, and that’s super important to me.

It’d be interesting if it was one of you, a reader. God, imagine that. Imagine if I had that I would put these words out there and a reader came and just told me that I am the woman for you. I’m open in which way. I can’t wait to meet her, because I’m ready and it feels great to be ready.

And then I allow the universe to give it to me, bring it to me, so when we do meet, we recognize one another.