ShySo you’re standing there in a coffee shop, or a bar, maybe you’re in line at the grocery store. You see a great looking man and you start flirting with him. You’ve been down this road many times before. You meet a guy, you talk, you think he’s interested, and then… you go home alone. No phone number, no nothing.

You talk to your friends over Sunday brunch, and you go through the whole story about the guy that didn’t ask you out at the store. You wonder why he didn’t. What could you have done differently? How do you get a man to ask you out?

Men have become very passive in today’s world. They’re so terrified to ask a woman out.  They’re so afraid to put it out there. So what does a woman do? First off, you need to take control of your dating life. You need to stop waiting for him to ask you out, because most of the time, they’re not going to. Believe me, I’m doing everything I can to get these guys to come out of their heads so they do ask you out, but there’s only so much I can do on my own!

So, you better get over that fact, and you better start having the mindset that most guys aren’t going to ask you out. You’re going to have to start throwing them hints. Men react to fear of loss. It’s a great sales technique, and it works brilliantly in dating. No matter how scared he is to ask you out, if he feels he’s going to miss his chance, he’ll force himself to make a move. Next time you’re standing next to a man, you’re flirting with him, and he doesn’t ask you out and you have to leave, you look at him and say…

“You know, it was great running into you. Hopefully we’ll run into each other again someday.” Uh huh! The old, “hopefully we’ll run into each other again someday” syndrome. How many people have you wished you’d run into again one day, and never have?

You bring the man to a magic moment, and that magic moment is all fear-based. He’s thinking to himself, “My God, I remember hearing that one time before, and never running into this woman ever again.”

You look at him, you smile, and you see what he does. If he’s interested, and if he’s a real man, he’ll get your phone number. That’s one of the more subtle ways to get a guy to make a move on you. For women that want to be even bolder, since you’re tired of waiting, and you’re tired of sitting home alone on a Friday night, struggling through profiles that you know will never work out for you…

Look directly at the guy you’ve met and flirted with for the last ten minutes and say, “ I really enjoyed talking to you. Here’s my number, call me.”

Be bold.  Be decisive, and allow yourself to live the life that you want. If he doesn’t call, so be it. In the game of love, you only need one guy to call you back – The guy you truly connect with!