Meeting a man onlineHave you ever run into a man you know on an online dating site?

It’s something that happens a lot more regularly than you think. There you are, cruising through online profiles, and suddenly you see the cute guy you’re attracted to from your office on You think to yourself, “Wow, I didn’t know he was single. His profile looks great. I’d love to date someone like him. Now what do I do?

What do you do when you see a man you know on

It’s simple. You connect with them!

I had an email from Nikki asking me this exact question. I think our exchange will help all of you who run into this situation. She wrote…

“Dear David,

I really like a guy I used to work for. I left the job about a year ago, but I always felt there was some sort of chemistry between us. I’m on after following your advice on putting up an online dating profile to attract men, and I spotted he’s on there too.

I wanted to send him a message, but I’m not sure if I should. I don’t want him to think I’m chasing him. What should I do?

I was thinking of sending something like: Fancy seeing you on here. I was just browsing profiles and saw you were here. What else can I write to leave it open so he’ll reply back to me?”


This is great. I love your thinking. I’d also add something along the lines of, “How’s online dating going for you? Have you met anybody interesting? Have you been on any great dates?

You can make it personal if you like. You see, here’s the deal…

He might have had a crush on you too. He might have wanted to date you as much as wanted to date him. Remember, you worked for him so he might have felt dating you wouldn’t be right. You’re not working with him anymore so now it might be a whole different situation.

Just leave it light, fun, and friendly. If he’s interested in you romantically, he’ll shoot you a message the moment he sees it. Even if he doesn’t feel that way about you, the chances are he’ll still be friendly because you shared a connection in the past. Now you have the chance to connect with his group of friends. He knows you’re single now he’s seen you on so he could have a hot friend he can hook you up with.

It never hurts to make that connection, because it’s almost guaranteed he’s going to write you back. I’d can’t see any way he’d ignore it.

Seeing someone you know and get on with on is a great opportunity. It’s a great chance to build your social network, and get some online flirting practice in. It’s the perfect situation. Embrace it. You know the guy, you’re attracted to him, you know what you’re going to get, and the ice is already broken.

The key is not to overthink it. Keep it fun and flirty and see where it takes you. I’d love to hear how it works out for you.

In the meantime, if you want to know how to get a man hooked on you once you’ve met him, then CLICK HERE and I’ll show you how to connect with him!