The Super Bowl was a great game this year. I really enjoyed it. I was pretty amazed at the way things went down. Well, actually, I wasn’t. You know me, I’ve been a good football predictor all year.

Do you realize that Super Bowl Sunday is the man event of the year? Now, I know a lot of women also watch it and enjoy it, but this is a man’s event.

This is an “Oh my God, why doesn’t Hallmark have a line of Super Bowl cards?” type of important event to men. This is a day that a man wishes his girl could find a card to give him that says:

To My Honey On This Super Bowl Sunday…
Enjoy it even though I know I know your team is not in it.
Enjoy it even though you are neutral.
May your love of the game outweigh your sadness that the Jets lost in the Championship Game.
So may this Super Bowl XLIV be a special day for you.

Imagine if Hallmark did it like that. Hallmark is missing Super Bowl cards. That would be amazing.

Do you know what Super Bowl cards would be? They would be for men the equivalent of a woman getting a Valentine’s Day card.

Not only that, there should be Super Bowl gifts like there are on Valentine’s Day. You could buy your man some man-lingerie. Think about it. You could get him a tighter fitting NFL Jets jersey (or a jersey from his favorite team) and some matching New York Jets underwear. It would be the equivalent of women’s lingerie.

Can you imagine that on Super Bowl Sunday? The man wakes up to a present of some great man-lingerie. There it is . . . his favorite team’s logo on some tight shirt and shorts that he can wear and show off his muscles to you.

Then maybe there could be other gifts to go with the man-lingerie. How about some Jets Soap On A Rope? Perhaps some New York Jets cologne.

Who knows what could be created to celebrate this most amazing of man days? I’m telling you, the NFL and Hallmark missed a huge day, because men all over the world could have been getting cards and man-lingerie from women.

Here’s the thing. Valentine’s Day is women’s Super Bowl Sunday.

It is so many men’s failure to see Valentine’s Day this way that causes them to put no effort into it and make lame reservations. It also causes them to not understand how doing that leaves women feeling really disappointed.

Picture you as a man meeting your girlfriend at your annual Super Bowl party with all your friends, and she shows up with a can of cheap bean dip (instead of actually making the amazing bean dip from her Grandmother’s recipe). How could she do this to you on your special day?

Well that is the same type of feeling a woman gets when you make lousy reservations or lame plans for Valentine’s Day. So all of you men need to think about Valentine’s day this year.

I also know that some of you are not in the “Valentine’s Day Mode” because you do not have a girlfriend or a date on Valentine’s Day. So instead of being depressed and angry that you don’t have a date, call one of your friends and say, “Let’s do a Valentine’s Day pub crawl” or “Let’s have an anti-Valentine’s Day party. But here is the rule: Everybody has to invite a new person who is single and that no one in the group knows.”

This way, you can have a great time and expand your social network at the same time. You know I talk all the time about important this is to do.

I talked more about this in this week’s podcast. If you missed it, you can listen to it HERE.