Here is something interesting that I was just talking about with the guys. We were in Long’s and Whole Foods and we ran into probably three or four really grumpy old people. I’m talking probably 75+.

There are two kinds of old people: there are those that you meet and you have like a magical experience, because they are just celebrating their amazing lives. They are full of life and wisdom and you just sit there captivated by them. You can almost see the young kid they were in their eyes.

The other kind of old person is the miserable one. They don’t say, “excuse me,” they give you dirty looks, they’re just miserable.

Rich said something really interesting: by that age, you’ve either won or you’ve lost. And the ones that are miserable are the ones that have lost – and they know it. They lost in life. And they are pissed off at the world. They are pissed off that their life wasn’t that great. They are pissed off that their life is gone.

But what’s interesting is that your life is never gone – ever. So you’ve had a shitty first 74 years? So what? It doesn’t mean (if you live until you’re 85) that the last 11 years can’t be spectacular!

Life is not about winning or losing – it’s about embracing. Life is about enjoying. Life is about going with the flow and it’s not about being bitter about the things that you didn’t do. It’s about making the changes so that you can do the things that you want right now.

You’re never too old to learn this lesson. You’re never too old to live, and you’re never too old to enjoy yourself.

So if I have any bitter, old readers: start living your life every day! If the first 74 years sucked, it doesn’t mean the last 11 have to too!