There’s a funny joke that I learned a long time ago: You go to a bookstore (now, you don’t go into bookstores anymore, you order from Amazon and other sites).

But you go into a bookstore, and you go to one of the clerks, and you look at them and say excuse me, where’s the self help section?

The clerk, instead of saying it’s on the third floor, looks at you and goes:

“The whole definition of self help is learning helping yourself… go find it yourself in this store right now.”

I know it might be a big store, but look at the store as the world around you. The answers are always there in front of you.

Look at the store as five or six store floors of books. Go find self help. Allow your inner voice to guide you.

Allow you to chat tap in to the energy inside you. The self help energy that we all have.

Unfortunately, it comes down to self help, and we now use Google as our number one self help guru.

I even find myself doing that, as well.

I had a meeting with somebody the other day, a great coach, and they gave me words of wisdom and lots of insight. I still went home and tried to Google more articles about the subject matter.

I was stopping myself half way through and I realized, I already got the help that I was actually looking for. What else am I looking for? And I realized what it was.


There’s a premise in life that I believe in, and it’s a book what I want all of you to read.

There’s a book called the Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield.

The book really is the only self help book (besides mine of course) that you will ever need to read. It teaches you to how to literally guide yourself and understand that the world around you has all the answers that you are looking for.

Every answer to every problem that you have, is literally around you in the world that is vibrating around you. You just need to be vulnerable enough to put yourself out there to find the answer.

Unfortunately now, we’re so shut down that the world around us is scanning through Amazon through 10,000 books to find the one title that resonates with you so you can put it on your shelf and never read it.

We’re going to Google things. My God, I’ve met so many people in Los Angeles who are parents, and they’re parenting experts because of the ridiculous articles they read on Google, yet.

And I tend to watch things, because I literally practice the words of wisdom that James Redfield wrote in the Celestine Prophecy.

You pay attention to the world around you, all the answers are already going to be there. You can literally see someone’s past, someone’s present, and someone’s future.

I can meet a child, I can talk to the mother, I can listen to what she says.

I can find out about the relationship that the kid has with the father, and I can tell you whether or not.

That when she is a 22 year old girl she is going to have relationship issues with the opposite sex in the future.

I can tell you what type of dysfunctional relationships she is, or he is going to have in the future, due to the dynamic created by the parent in their life right now, in their relationships right now.

Self help comes from within. Self help also comes from realizing that you don’t have all the answers.

You see, that’s the beauty of life. We don’t have the answers to everything. If you think you’re an expert, well, think again. Even me.

Who’s a “guru?”

Who’s an expert in relationships in dating?

Someone who still learns something new every single day. That’s why I’m still in this business. That’s why I still do this every single day. Because every conversation I have with every single client, and every single customer, will teach me something brand new.

That’s what life is all about.

So all of you that are constantly searching online, or searching on Amazon, or have the guts enough to go into a books store…

Self help is actually something that you will be doing for the rest of your life. You’ll never have all the answers. The truly evolved person will wake up one morning, do something the same way for three years, and all of a sudden talk to somebody who’s older and wiser and have been through more experience.

And they’ll look and say Holy Shit, I can’t believe how I’ve been fucking up my relationship.

I can’t believe how I’ve been fucking up my child.

I can’t believe how selfish I’ve been in so many ways. Thank you, universe for delivering this person to me in this present moment. And thank you for actually realizing that self help is one of the greatest journeys we’ll ever have, and it never ends. Ever, because just when we think we know something, we learn something else.

So go ahead, Google something. For you narrow minded people, go ahead and think you’re an expert in something, because you’re doing it.

But for you people who want to expand, realize self help is here to stay and it’s something that you’re going to learn everyday.