One thing you need to have when you’re dating is patience.

You have to trust that whatever that whatever you’re putting out there is going to be taken in, thought about, analyzed, whatever it might be.

You have to trust.

And you have to have to have patience.

One of the hardest things to deal with is when you reach out to a woman, either phone or email, and you don’t hear back from them.

For example, yesterday I sent an amazing email to a great woman I met  the other night.

She has not responded yet.

But you can’t force a response, nor do you take no response as a bad response.

The woman you’ve met is a total stranger to you.  You don’t know how she processes things; you don’t know how she formulates thoughts in her mind.

All you know is that you’re attracted to her.

You’ve found somebody that piques your interest.

But here’s the deal:  You don’t know them so there’s no point in making any assumptions…have patience.

We get so impatient; we get so in our heads. We start to wonder, “Why are they not responding? Why didn’t they call back? How come they didn’t e-mail? Why didn’t they text back?”

It’s all about being patient.

It’s one of the hardest human traits to master because when we formulate an attraction with somebody in our minds, all we want to do is have validation that they’re attracted to us in the same exact way.

And in today’s world, validation is done through many different ways: a text back, an e-mail back, a phone call back.

But being confident, sexy, and dynamic, you don’t need validation.

Sure validation feels absolutely wonderful. It’s one of the greatest things. We all love it. It’s affirmation.

But you have to trust, and if you’re 100% authentic in your interaction and 100% real in your attraction, that person will feel that energy and confidence from you.

And I’ve got to tell you, since I’ve become patient, I have found that a lot of women that I thought vanished, disappeared, or weren’t interested–came back, and came back even stronger than before.

Trust, my friends, be patient.  And allow the attraction to percolate in her mind on her time.  Don’t force it.