ITTo attract the man of your dreams, you need to become “IT.”

What am I talking about?

I know the exact type of guy you want. And this guy is also “IT.” He’s a cross between Eric from The Little Mermaid, Leonardo DiCaprio in half of his movies, George Clooney in half of his movies, Matt Damon in a couple of his, and Ben Affleck in some of his.

He’s humble like Eric was in The Little Mermaid. He’s confident. He knows exactly what to say when he speaks to you. There’s a certain shyness and vulnerability about him, but he’s confident enough to attract you. He’s well-spoken, he’s smart, and he’s educated. He’s motivated, and he’s passionate about who he is. He’s a man that knows what he wants, and goes for it without apology.

What he wants now more than ever, is YOU!

He wants you, you sexy, beautiful, incredible woman. He knows how to kiss you. He understands why foreplay is so important. He threw his porn collection away years ago, and he’s the best lover you’ve ever had. He pays attention. He listens to you. And he’s a leader not a follower. Does he sound perfect?

I’m sure there’s probably some things I’ve left off the list, but I think you get the picture. He has what we call, “The IT Factor.” So what do you need to do to attract Mr. IT?

You need to become Ms. IT.

That’s right, you need to develop the female IT factor.

You need to be able to pull him in, turn on your sexuality, and turn on the beauty of who you are as a woman. Understand that you’re the queen and he’s the king. You need to make him feel like a man so he can make you feel like a woman. You need to flirt. You need to let him know you’re open, available, and willing to see him.

The female IT factor is tuning into your own energy. It’s not burying your head in your phone. It’s being aware of the men around you. It’s all about connecting with him. Looking at him. Drinking him with your eyes. And making him feel like he’s never felt before. In my dating program for women “Connect With Him” I show you step-by-step how to do this, so if you don’t have a copy, grab one now.

As a Mr. IT myself, I know how to spot IT in a woman. She looks at me with a certain twinkle in her eye. She’s got the female IT factor and I know it’s on. If I’m talking to a woman and she doesn’t twinkle, sparkle, or let her sexual energy out, I walk away knowing we haven’t connected. And it doesn’t matter how pretty she is. Unlock your female power right now so you can attract Mr. IT, instead of attracting…

Mr. Shit!