You know what’s missing in so many people’s lives?


So many people are just not present.

They go out and they date with expectations.

It’s always about expectations.

I want to be careful what I say to this person because I want a relationship with them.  

I want to make sure that I don’t expose a lot about myself, so I don’t ruin it.  

When you date like that, you’re basically dating safe. And when you date safe you’re not being present and you’re not having the feeling of being in love for the day.

When you let go and have no expectations, you become 100% present. This is to say that every moment of the day you’re there. You’re with that person. You’re enjoying that person. You’re not thinking about tomorrow or the next day or where the relationship is going.

You settle down and have an amazing time with that person, whatever you’re doing.

And it’s all about love. That’s what life is all about. It’s about loving your life, loving the moment, loving the person that you’re with and not expecting anything. Because when you don’t expect anything, you actually get everything in life.

Life is just an energetic flow; that’s all it is. Everything in life happens for a reason.


Everything you do, everything you say has a cause and effect. That cause and effect is what’s going to change your entire life.

I don’t expect anything when I’m with a friend, when I’m with a woman, when I’m with my daughter—whoever I’m with.

All I’m about being in love with the moment.

And that’s a beautiful thing.