Happy Tuesday to everyone — I thought it might be a good day to have a little fun on the blog…

You know what’s funny, is that situation where you need a friend to rescue you in an introduction situation. Here you are and someone whose name you are supposed to know is coming toward you. You are standing with your friend Bob, so you will be expected to introduce them.

So when this person gets to you, you have to rely on your friend to bail you out by saying “Hi. I’m Bob.” This, of course, usually prompts that person to have to identify themselves.

I call this “the fake introduction.” This hearkens back to the “Yo” and “Hey Man” blog I did recently. So, of course, the fake introduction is often started off when the person comes over to you and you say “Hey Man, it’s great to see you!”

I must admit to being guilty of intentionally letting friends of mine sweat it out a bit before I’ll bail them out in that situation. Isn’t it funny when you’re forced to use the “fake introduction friend bailout?”

The really funny thing is that almost every time this situation arises and you learn that other person’s name, after they leave both you and your friend will probably still not be able to remember the person’s name. Your friend will say to you “What was their name again?” and you answer “I have no idea. I can’t remember!”

The only time this fake introduction technique fails is if the other person doesn’t do their part. So if your friend says “Hi. I’m Bob” then the worst thing that can happen is for Mr. No Name to answer with “Nice to meet you” instead of reciprocating the introduction.

Sometimes in life it’s just more fun to sweat it out every time you see those certain people whose names you can never remember. They’re not in your address book, so what does it really matter?

It’s only REALLY embarrassing when it’s someone with whom you do business . . . or someone who’s slept with your wife.

So next time your friend asks you to the fake introduction, bail them out because I believe everything in life comes back to us!