Just a quick blog today. Some thing that all of you should be doing everyday….wait it is something you all day everyday!!
What is something that we are doing all of the time in life? We’re running errands.

We’re always running errands. We’re getting our car washed, we’re getting gas, we’re going to the supermarket to buy groceries, we’re going to the art store to have a picture framed, we’re on our way to the dry cleaners. Whatever it is…we are always running errands.

So, think about this: you’re always running errands, and I’m always running errands, everyone is always running errands – that must be a great place to meet people!

Even better, you have something that you can talk to people about at any time in any place. You’ve probably been running errands at the same places for years.

Look at running errands as something fun to do. Walk into a place and take over. Create a party in the place you are in. It’s no longer about just buying a pair of sneakers – you’re going out to have fun and talk with other people (and find some new kicks!)

Begin to look at things in a different way. Think about where people are. People are where you are! You have to realize this and take advantage of these places. These are the places where things start to become interesting. Take advantage of it!