What a hangover! Man, I can’t remember a thing from last night.

I woke up this morning with crap all over house. Then I went to the bathroom and found a tiger in there! How it got in there I have no idea. Is anyone missing a tiger? What do you even feed a tiger anyway?

For those of you who think I’ve lost my mind (because you know I don’t drink), I saw the funniest movie of the summer last night: The Hangover. It’s a must-see movie! Ninety minutes of straight laughter. I never got bored and I never wanted it to end. I haven’t seen a movie this funny since I saw the movie Superbad. I must say, too, that Bradley Cooper (who played the jerk in the movie Wedding Crashers), stole the movie with his awesome performance.

Speaking of being super bad and about a bad, bad thing, how many of you are fans of blood? True Blood is a great show on HBO if you haven’t seen it. And talking about true blood, how do you feel about women during that time of the month? Will you have sex with a woman during that time of the month?

I got an email the other day which I thought was really interesting. A guy wrote me and said, “David, my girlfriend wants us to have sex during her period and I really don’t want to do it. What do I do?”

Well, I’m all about “riding the red river” during the period. I’ve got no problem being Count Dracula.

Granted, oral sex is really not that fun during a woman’s menstrual cycle (and not fun at all during the heavy bleeding days). On the “lighter” days or the last days of her cycle, however, if she takes a shower then it’s clean down there.

As far as having sex, you just stay up top. If you ever go down below, then you might as well be a werewolf or Count Dracula.

Really, sex during the period is a blast. Women are really horny during that time, and if you’re dating someone exclusively and using condoms, it gives you four or five days of free sex in which you don’t have to use a condom.

It’s a lot of fun. I suggest putting down towels, and I suggest not making her feel uncomfortable. Her period is a natural thing! Be glad she’s having her period if you don’t want kids!

It’s a natural thing, so don’t sit there and say, “Eew!” or “Hey, I don’t want to get my sheets all dirty.” It’s not a dirty thing! There are some guys who act like it’s some dirty thing to be riding the red river, but it’s really not a dirty thing at all.

The only thing is after having tampons inside her all day, and because she very likely may pull the tampon out right before you have sex, she’ll be dry. So I suggest a little lube, so you can slide in easily and not rip her apart.

It’s actually very sensual and it’s very connecting to have sex with a woman during her period. It shows her that you’re willing to have sex with her anytime, regardless of the conditions.

It doesn’t matter if the tide is red or the tide is normal, you’re willing to have sex at any time. This is a very bonding experience that you two will share.

Not only that, but if you are worried about your sheets then just put down a towel! Have some fun with it. Say, “Alright Honey, we’ve got to put down a towel today because the red river is here and we don’t want to ruin the sheets.”

Just have some fun with it. Don’t be so uptight.

Men want women to open up sexually all the time, except men aren’t willing to get out of their comfort zone. This, ironically, is exactly the reason why women won’t open up sexually with you.

You really need to open up and expand your sexual horizons. I’ve got no issues with the red river flowing, and neither should you!