My friends and I were out over the Memorial Day weekend, having lunch, having snacks, hanging out in different places, and talking. At one point, one friend said to me, “Women just aren’t spontaneous at all.”

I looked at him and I said, “You’re 100% right. They want love but they overanalyze every move that they make.”

I’ll explain why.

He met a woman in a restaurant.

He was enamored by her. He felt a spark, felt some energy. They exchanged numbers. And they did the usual texting right away. He decided to take a chance, roll the dice, and be spontaneous.

He sent her a text and said, “I’ve got to run an errand for a little while. But if you’re around in a bit, I’d love to connect again and get together and have a great conversation.”

She never got back to him. He didn’t play the game. She had nothing going on that afternoon; we know that because she told him that. But, she wasn’t spontaneous. I don’t know why she wasn’t spontaneous because she certainly texted him right away and they had a little text banter going back and forth. But the second he put any type of spontaneity, any type of let’s do something besides sit on our phones and text one another, she became silent.

Being Spontaneous is a Good Thing

want love be spontaneousYou want love, you need to be spontaneous. There’s no other way around it.

The other night I went out with somebody I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. We’d actually gone out on a date 15 years ago and reconnected.

We had the same conversation.

We talked about how in our 20s there was all this spontaneity.

When we met somebody it was game on, literally.

You meet somebody, you call them up, you go out. The next thing you know three weeks later, as you are laying in bed, you realize you spent so many days with them.

We don’t do that anymore. We think, we overanalyze everything. You think to yourself, a man just texted me, what do I do?

Google it and see what comes up. A man just wanted to be spontaneous, what are my options? Google it and see what comes up. A man wants to see me this afternoon and we just met. Google it. Look at all the options for what you can do. So many options. So many choices. So many things you can do. How you play it, how you overanalyze things.

Without Spontaneity, Nothing Will Change

If you want love, you need to be spontaneous. Because without spontaneity, nothing is ever going to change. You see, we’re constantly doing the same thing. We’re constantly telling people we wish we could meet somebody.

We’re constantly telling people that we’re not meeting enough good people. And then finally, when someone comes along that is different and spontaneous, you run the other direction.

If you want love, be spontaneous.

The other day I posted something on Facebook about Memorial Day weekend and how I had no plans. And what happened?

Not only did I not get any invitations to any barbeques, I got a few likes. I was being spontaneous and open, and nothing aimed back at my direction.

If you want love, be spontaneous.