Kissing kidIt’s really funny. One of the biggest complaints women have about men is that we behave like man-boys. Women around the world complain men just aren’t as emotionally mature as women are, and it’s almost like dating an 11 year old. I’m always hearing how we’re not as evolved as women. That we’re just not man enough. You want to connect with REAL men for a change.

Well, if you keep calling us your “boyfriend” how the hell are we going to become REAL men?

It’s so funny. I was out with my friend John (you’ve seen him in my videos) and we were talking to this woman. All of a sudden she says, “My boyfriend is going to kill me. I didn’t record Seinfield for him.”

I asked her, “How old is this guy, 11?”

She started laughing. “No sometimes he acts a little young, but he’s great.”

“Do you want to date a manfriend or a boyfriend?” I asked.

“I love my boyfriend, but when I get married it will be with someone I call my man.” She replied.

Ahh, that’s interesting. You’re willing to date a boy in order to get to the man. Or you start dating a boy thinking you can turn him into a man. Do you really think men will ever change? You see if you constantly date men you don’t believe are mature enough for you, you’re going to end up marrying someone that becomes your old grown boy husband!

Ladies, do you want us to grow up?

Then start calling us your manfriend. That’s right. The next time your friends ask if you’re seeing anybody you say, “Yes, I have a manfriend. He’s very mature. He’s a real man.”

You see, when I hear people talking about “boyfriends” I picture the two of you kissing by the school lockers. I picture him waiting for you after class, and walking home holding your books for you. I picture him getting a little erection when he hugs you, cos that’s what used to happen back in school when you had your first girlfriends. I imagine him asking his parents to pick you both up so you can go to the movies.

I can almost see you sneaking into an R Rated movie theatre and getting drunk on a 32-ounce quart of Colt 45 Malt liquor. It tastes like crap but it’s all you can afford. If you want us to be a man, if you want us to date like a man, if you want us to take you to romantic places, and travel the world with us, I strongly suggest you start calling us your manfriend. In fact, I think we should start a new trend here. Let’s just change the way we talk about things. I think we need to petition that wonderful president of ours, and tell him we want to abolish the term “boyfriend.”

The next time someone asks if I have a girlfriend, I’m going to say no. I’m not 11 years old. But I do have a womanfriend. You start doing the same. Start having manfriends, and not boyfriends. It’s a simple switch in mindset, but I guarantee it will make a difference to the men you meet.