I am going to ask you some questions right now and I want you to think about them for as long as you possibly can.

desire romanceDo you desire the magic of passion and romance?

Do you desire to be loved and adored by a man?

Do you desire to be passionately made love to all night long, until your legs literally shake and quiver as you go from orgasm to orgasm with your absolute perfect partner who adores you and is devouring your entire body from head to toe?

Do you want a man to look into your eyes when you are making love and see his soul, and your soul is exposed to him?

Do you desire to be taken both emotionally and physically by a man? Feel so safe that you are able to share all your secrets with him?

Do you desire to be touched and explored all night?

Do you want to feel as safe as you possibly can and have all your dreams heard and respected?

Well wake up.

I mean that, wake up.

I want to wake you out of the trance that I just put you in.

I want to slap you around a little bit right now.

I know you are probably sitting there squirming in your seat thinking where is this man who is going to devour my body? My heart? My soul?

Where is the man who is going to give me toe curling orgasms that I never experienced, except on my own?

Wake up.

Because if you want all this, you’ve got to learn how to surrender to him.

Surrender Yourself to Him and Romance

All women want the above. That is what I am finding out there right now.

But, so many women don’t know how to surrender to him.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve read your online profiles. I hear about how you treat men. And, I look at your crazy ridiculous wish list of things that have nothing to do with romance or surrender.

All I see is all of you putting up a wall, a wall of words to hide behind.

You have things you want, but no idea how to surrender. You want a man to do all those things, but when a man comes along that is pretty great, if he doesn’t hike or bike ride, or drink wine with you, you automatically dismiss him. You are looking for things that really are not that important.

Sure, common interests are great. I would love to meet a woman who wants to walk 12 hours a day with me in New York City. Sit under a tree with me in Maui and read a book.

But, what if she wants to do other things?

Focus on What’s Really Important

What if, at the end of the day, we did different things, but we surrendered to each other? We surrendered to everything I wrote above.

We made love for hours because we missed one another that day. We looked at each other on the couch and talked and shared stories about our day and listened.

We touched, we caressed, and we enjoyed each other’s company.

I can walk the beach all day by myself if someone doesn’t want to walk the beach. Sure, it’s great to have someone with me, but it’s not needed.

I can do the things that I love. Sure, I’d love to have someone with me, but really at the end of the day, I just need to be emotionally and physically naked with a woman and that is what’s most important.

It’s not about how we share our day. Of course, there are different things that we don’t all like to do because we’re adults and we have different habits and different things that we do. So really, it’s all about the quality time you spend together, the surrender time you spend. The time you spend with each other just letting go and falling into the other person’s arms and falling into their heart and their soul.

That, to me, is what is most important. The power of surrender.