Hey Everyone

Last day in Europe and I am really going to miss 1.6% conversion of the mighty dollar!!!

What a great trip and can’t wait to hop the plane on Monday and head back to see my dog in LA!!!

I have to say that it was an amazing trip but never stay at the Marriott in Amsterdam. We had a slight sewer issue on Saturday night and this stoned security came up with a bottle of ozium and started spraying everywhere.

He was like….wow man it stinks in this room.

Apparently they have a slight sewer issue in this hotel and the front desk actually asked if we were to blame……quite hard when you have not been in the room all day.

Anyway….Amsterdam was a blast but never buy anything and try to return it here….long story another day.

Todays podcast is all about how to have a great conversation wherever you go! This is a podcast that I did during the bootcamp here in Amsterdam with the students.

Have a great Sunday!!!