Dear David WygantI was dipping into my magical bag of emails, and I pulled out one that grabbed my attention. I want to share it with you right now. I want you to see a couple of things that need to start changing the way women think. It’s from a lady who wants to learn how to teach men to date better. She wants to know whether she should be giving her current partner dating lessons. She says…

“Dear David,

I want to learn how to get men to court me after we make the initial connection. Some guys are great at courting, but most the guys I meet just want to give me their number and leave it to me to make all the plans. How do you get men to invest more into dating? How do you get them to stop the texting and actually pick up the phone to make plans, instead of leaving it all to me?

I know some men are really good at the whole dating thing. I just want a man who isn’t afraid to take control. I want a man who will invest more and take more of a lead. Why aren’t I meeting these men? I’m with a guy now but he is so passive it’s untrue. He leaves everything to me. It’s as if he’s so laid back he’s dead almost. Can I do anything to wake him up?”

David says…

Why on earth would any woman want to waste their time on men who are lazy and don’t put any effort into a relationship?

Why would you even try to get these men to invest more?

Why are you spending any time trying to get this guy you’re dating to change?

Do you want to mother this guy? Are you looking for a boy you need to teach?

If I were a woman, I’d only want to be with people that take the time and effort to make me feel good. I’d only want to connect with a man who was great at courting, flirting, and taking control. It’s not your responsibility to teach him how to date like a man. Don’t mess around with someone who puts minimum effort into you.  If this is the best this guy can do, then my advice would be to get rid of him.

Thing about it this…

If what you’re seeing now is his best effort, it’s only going to get worse. Only spend your time on men who actually make an effort with you. You need it. You desire it. You deserve it. Never sell yourself short. Because as soon as you do, you’re just going to be in these relationships where the man takes advantage of you, doesn’t make you feel good, and doesn’t romance you. If you stay with this guy, you’re just going to be banging your head against a wall, trying to teach someone who doesn’t want to learn what you’re teaching.

My advice is to go and find a relationship-ready man who is happy to put some effort in, and who really wants to connect with you long term. If you don’t have a copy of my program, “Connect With Him” I strongly suggest you grab one now, because it shows you step-by-step exactly how to do just that.