Have you ever thought about dating on Facebook?

You’ve probably been approached there by men wanting to date you, probably without even realizing it.

The average woman spends four hours a day on Facebook, wouldn’t it be great if you could be meeting quality men while you’re there?

It would be great if you could connect and start a relationship that’s more unique on Facebook?

It’s simple and easy. Check it out.





But do you realize Facebook is one of the greatest places to meet somebody?

Think about it. You’re already connected through a network. You already know some of the same people. You already have mutual friends. You can see a person’s whole year, their friends, their likes and dislikes – even where they went on vacation.

Facebook is one of the safest online places to date. Yet most of us don’t make use of it to date.

We spend so much time not dating on Facebook, and dating on Match or Tinder with a bunch of strangers.

Finding the right man on Facebook is amazingly simple.

You can read somebody’s posts. Get to know them. See what their interests are, what their likes are.

You can even flirt with each other without even asking each other out. Facebook is so safe that it’s one of the greatest places to meet someone.

Yet we tend to ignore it because it’s a ‘friend network.’ Think about how you want to be set up. Who do you want to be set up with? Somebody who is a friend. Somebody who is in your circle.

Some of the best connections, even marriages are through friends.

A friend of mine – a high quality, handsome and successful man, constantly meets people on Facebook. He’s got a very simple approach. First, he friend requests any woman he thinks he might connect with, if they respond and accept – that’s step 1.

Then he finds something a point of interest, or commonality on her Facebook page, and sends her a short message about it. Could be an element of her life, one of her pictures, something she commented on – something that lets her know he’s cool and he’s smart. That’s step 2.

The reason why he ends up dating so many women from Facebook and even met a serious girlfriend there last year, is the inherent level of trust.Facebook-Dating

The women that are his Facebook friends, can go to his page and check him out. They can see pictures of his kid, their trip last summer. All of his friends commenting on his posts – it builds a subliminal level of trust.

So fi this guy wrote you a cute message – and you could instantly check him out and see he’s attractive, smart and single, think, how that would make you feel.

How would you feel if a man contacted you that way?

I want you to look at your friends of friends. I’d like you to take some time this evening, and I want you to look at your friends list. Then look at who’s suggested them because all of the suggestions are based on friends you mutually share.

Try adding some people. Maybe send them a smiley face. You could even say, “hey, how do you know Beth or how do you know Jim?”

Start commenting on their comments down below. When they comment on a post, you comment on the post too.

Dating on Facebook is so simple and so easy, yet so many people don’t do it. Instead you’re searching for random men with zero connection to your life on other sites and swipes.

It’s easier to meet and better to date somebody you know. Friends of friends. This is why we have friend networks to date on Facebook. A novel idea.