Have you ever been out on a date, it went well, you get home, and the person just vanishes… they ghost you?

Days pass, weeks pass, and you never hear from that person again.

How often is it happening to you?

How often are you going out on dates and never seeing that person again?

There are a couple of things that people do on dates that guarantee you’re going to continue to be ghosted forever and ever.

You will never see that person again.

Why does this keep happening?

There are a lot of reasons. One is that many people are fearful when they date. A lot of people go out on a date with high expectations.

They want to be with that person. They’ve got a story about who that person is and what’s going to happen between the two of them.

When it comes down to dating, you need to have no expectations at all.Dating Do's and Don'ts

When you have a story about somebody, especially if you meet somebody online, you’ve got this story about who you think they are based on the words they’ve put in their profile.

But by creating a story about them, you’re creating no chance of success for you. The reason being that when you go out on a date, you don’t know somebody, especially if you met them online.

In fact, it doesn’t make a difference where you met them. The only thing that makes a difference is how you’re going to show up.

You need to show up and be 100% open and authentic, with no fear at all.

When you have fear, they feel it, and your true personality doesn’t come out.

Whenever I go out on a date, I don’t really care about the outcome. I’ve got no story, nothing.

Sure, I want a great relationship, just like everybody else, but I’m having an amazing relationship with myself. And when you have an amazing relationship with yourself, you can show up as you really are and you can both make that determination whether you want to see each other again.

That’s what’s important, and that’s what today’s video covers. It covers a lot of dating do’s and don’ts that both men and women will find useful so that you have that second and third date when you meet someone you really like.

Check it out.