Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.

Hope. Hope. Hope.

Text. Text. Text.

Meet. Meet. Meet.

Blow-off. Blow-off. Blow-off.

Head home.

Then again: Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.

Text. Text. Text.

Ghost. Ghost. Ghost.

That’s essentially the sequence of dating on an app. And it’s made us so apathetic.

People hate it. And yet, they still do it.

People swipe, people text, people ghost… and then they go and find somebody else.

You finally meet somebody, and what happens?

You say to yourself, “Eh, no reason to get to know them.”

Why? Because you can go home and go find somebody else.

You can go home and find someone else who you’ll also text and blow off.

We’ve become a bunch of apathetic slackers, really. We just don’t care,

We really don’t anymore. I hear things like this all the time from women nowadays: I don’t need men.

Great. Men don’t need you, women don’t need us.

We’ve got so much dating apathy out there, and a lot of it has to do with the dating apps.

Now, there’s a percentage of people that will actually meet on a dating app. But in general, it’s a bunch of B.S.

A bunch of constantly swiping, constantly looking. You go out with somebody and they’re not 100% what you think they are or whatever story you’re creating in your brain, so you don’t even bother with them because you can just go home and find somebody else.

It’s sort of like placing an order online for a man or a woman.

That’s why whenever I talk about dating apps I always call them “Manazon” and “Womanazon.”

It really is like that, and in a few years there will probably literally be something like that.

A site where you can just place an order for someone, sign up for prime, have them delivered to you, try them out for an hour, and if you’re not feeling it you can just ship them back to Manazon or Womanazon.

For those of you who don’t want prime, it doesn’t matter. You’ll still get the delivery within five days.

To tell you the truth, five days would still be record-setting time to meet someone. Between swiping and texting, it sometimes takes at least two to three weeks to meet someone.

And that all comes back to us as a society being so apathetic. We just don’t trust each other anymore.

Before they’ve even met the person, most people basically think, well, that the person is not going to be what they say are.

There’s just so much apathy nowadays. And yet, we’re home alone every single night, staring at our screens, complaining about how hard it is to meet somebody.

So what I want to ask you is this simple question: is that who you really are? Is that who we really are?

Because I’ve gotta tell you, I thought we were better than this.

Actually, I know we’re better than this.

But if that’s who we are, and that’s what we’ve become as a culture, then keep at it. Swipe, swipe, swipe. Apathy, apathy, apathy.

The only catch is this: if you’re at home every night swiping your way deeper and deeper into the apathetic hole you’ve dug for yourself…

You have no right to complain. Because you’re just not putting in the work.

And that’s what dating is. Work. It takes more than a swipe, a text, and meeting someone for 30 minutes to actually build the kind of quality relationship we all desire.

People are people. They’re not some Plasma screen TV you can order on Manazon or Womanazon and then return if it doesn’t work out.