Where do you live? Well, no matter where you live, dating has become a lot of browsers and not a lot of buyers.

Case in point: I’ll constantly monitor people’s profiles online. I’m curious about the way people behave.

I get matched up on all the dating apps but rarely go out with anybody because I’m really not into the unorganic style of meeting.

But I’ll check out certain people’s profiles every other day. What I see is a lot of shopping or window dressing.

Women are constantly changing their photos up online, constantly trying to re-market themselves. They’re looking for an online makeover that will help them meet men.

We All Browse, But We’re Not Buying

We’re constantly on these sites because it’s addicting. I’ve talked about how the online dating industry sells hope, but it’s more than that. Because of all the ways we should date now, from the Bumbles to the Tinders to the Match.coms, modern dating has become a lot of browsing, but not a lot of buying.

I want you to look at your phone right now; go ahead, take a look at it. How many men’s phone numbers do you have in there? You met them somewhere, at some time and you took their number. You might not even remember who they are. How many of the men whose phone numbers you have are you currently texting?

The average dater is texting three people at a time.

Constantly looking, constantly browsing. We’ve been fully marketed, and the goods are people.

Shopping for People

browse don't buyWe make jokes all the time that Amazon should start selling people. We could start calling it Womanazon and Manazon.com.

It’s not so far-fetched; I mean, we’re browsing non-stop. We’re being sold the idea that there’s somebody perfect out there for each of us. Perfect because we’re so perfect.

We’re the most imperfect people out there, every single one of us. Yet, every single day, we consistently keep shopping for our perfect match non-stop.

It’s kind of true, and it’s kind of sad.

I get five to six connections that come in every couple of weeks. I go out, meet somebody, they’re interesting, and I keep browsing. Why? Because it’s the way we’ve become as a society.

Have I met some great women? Absolutely, but browsing is so easy with no commitments. You never get hurt. You bail before it even has the chance of going anywhere. You remember the person as a cool person, but nothing more.

We don’t give anybody a chance anymore, and it’s really sad. Everybody I speak to is constantly single. There are some people that I’ve seen on these apps for years who are always single.

People are constantly browsing like they’re shopping for something, but they don’t exactly know what it is.

We’ve become addicts, shopping addicts. The problem is people keep looking for the next best thing. The next best product.

Think about it next time. You browse, go out and sample somebody in the dating pond and throw them back in oh so quickly. We browse, not shop. We aren’t buying.

Maybe it’s time to give what’s in front of you a chance. Give the guy who’s interested in you a second look, go out with him a second time, and open your mind to the possibility that this could be a great new relationship. Take the plunge, stop browsing, and buy.