first date test david wygantIt’s your first date and you’re getting to know the guy sitting across the sushi from you.

Should you test him?


Bring an algebra exam from ninth grade.

Bring the statistics final from your senior year.

Throw in arts and crafts and see if he can build a gingerbread house.

While you’re at it, might as well test his intelligence, too. Bring a map and see if he knows where certain cities are, if he can identify states, and if he knows their capitals.

Test away. Push and push and push and see if you ever get a second date with him ever again.

What’s wrong with just being you?

What a novel idea, isn’t it? Being yourself on a date.

When a man says something that you disagree with, why not just confront it right then and there?

Or, you can be passive and bring the watered-down version of you, and test him. Maybe you can ask him something stupid, like, “Have you ever cheated on somebody?” just to see what his response is. (That test usually works because a man will always tell the truth about that one…right.)

Testing a man is one of the most ridiculous things in the world.

When I go out on a date, I’m just me. I just say what I feel and do what I say.

I don’t think about where my words are going because they just come flying out of my mouth 100 miles an hour.

There’s no landing point. Sometimes there is, it’s usually the other person’s brain.

I don’t test. I listen on a date, and that’s what you need to start doing. Listen to what that guy says, because the red flags will usually show themselves on the very first date.

But some women are so afraid to be real and honest that they just go into test mode, while ignoring the warning signs.

So, sure, test all you want, and you’ll find yourself alone most nights.

Keep testing, keep pushing, keep feeling like the men are after you for all the wrong reasons.

And soon enough, there will be no men after you.

Your call.