Let’s talk about something that I think is really important, and one of the most interesting topics in the world. This is something that everybody needs to listen to. Get the shit out of your ears and listen!

It’s funny how many guys will go around and spend their entire day talking to women that they’re not attracted to. They’ll talk to the 5s, 6s, and 7s – you all know how much I hate the number system, it’s retarded. In my book, it’s either a 1 or a 2: 1, you’re attracted to her, and 2, you’re not. There’s my system.

So you can walk around all day long talking to these women that you’re not attracted to. You can flirt, you can challenge them; you can do anything you want with them. And at the end of the day you say to yourself, well, it doesn’t count, because I wasn’t attracted to her.

In reality, let’s go inside the women’s mindset. The woman that you’re talking to isn’t thinking, all right, so this dude is talking to me because I’m a 6. This woman that you’re talking to thinks that she’s hot!

Think about the analogy here. If a woman has ever set you up with her friends, she’ll always tell you how hot her friends are. So you show up at this party she invites you to and you’re thinking, okay, where are all of her hot friends? But she’s been introducing you to people all night long.

Women don’t go around rating themselves – they’re not like guys. They aren’t these visual retards that walk around all day long grading. Women don’t grade guys on a number scale.

Another great social experiment I did one time at a seminar involved putting masks on ten women. I got a guy who was totally shy and uncomfortable talking to women to come up and talk to all of them.

He had no problem with it, because they had masks on. He flirted with them and he was funny and charming. But the minute that the woman that he liked best took off her mask and he saw she was hot, he became a babbling idiot. He spoke to her completely differently.

So today in the coffee shop, you basically did the same thing. You opened these two women beautifully about the iPod. But then you disqualified yourself immediately. When you saw she was cute, you made some comment like, “Well this just shows what a geek I am. I like to read The Economist on the iPod!”

You didn’t say that once yesterday at all, to any of the women you weren’t attracted to. Yesterday you felt cool and good about yourself. But today, because the woman you were talking to was pretty, you had to tell her you were a geek. For some reason or another, you felt like you had to talk to her differently.

But she responded really well when you opened her up. She responded really well to you and what you were saying. You opened her with authority. But the second that she responded, you got really nervous.

You thought to yourself, well, she’s pretty, she looks like a porcelain doll, and I need to talk to her differently.

But you don’t need to talk to them differently. These women are the exact same, and they need the exact same things.

You also played it safe with her. Yesterday you were listening, engaging and challenging people. The minute you saw this pretty girl, you stopped challenging.

Talk to all women in the exact same way!