You know, recently I was working with a client who is really an interesting man. He’s somebody who has a lot of life and a lot of passion when you meet him in person . . . but has been miserably unsuccessful online.

So I took a look at his pictures online, and I realized that in all his pictures it looked like the photographer was torturing him and making him be there. It was almost like the photographer was making him take pictures because his parents wanted the school boy picture. And when I read through his profile, I realized that his profile didn’t really make me feel anything.

In order to really succeed in online dating, you need to write a very passionate profile about who you are, because women are really intrigued by finding out what you’re all about. They don’t want to hear you boast about your great job, they want to hear a story about why that job is so fantastic. They don’t want to hear that you went to Italy and China, they want to know something that happened to you when you went to Italy and China that changed you. They want to read those words and they want to get excited about you.

But how do you get them to even look at you if your picture is not right? You need to put pictures up of yourself that show you being passionate about who you are and what you do. Every picture you put online should be a picture of you doing something that you’re absolutely thrilled about doing.

Don’t just stand there and have a snapshot taken of you. Have someone take a picture of you after you’ve hiked to the top of a mountain. Have someone take a picture of you when you’re at your friend’s pool party hanging out with seven of your best friends. Have someone take a picture of you when you’re out doing something you love. Let’s say you’re an avid reader, so maybe you have a picture at a Barnes and Noble. Maybe you love to cook. Have someone take a picture of you at a dinner party cooking. These pictures are glimpses into your life.

If a woman sees you doing things about which you’re passionate, she’s going to envision herself with you doing those things. These pictures will elicit that kind of emotional response from her. Then by sharing stories about what you do in your profile, when she reads those stories she will picture herself next to you.

This is what makes a very passionate encounter with somebody online. I’m not talking about having sex or getting laid, I’m talking about creating an excitement so they desire and they anticipate you contacting them after they’ve contacted you.

It’s role reversal, guys. Most men give their power away to women. When they ask a woman out, they don’t expect her to say yes. When you create a story that’s so powerful and so passionate, the woman is going to be so excited about going out with you that you’re standing on equal ground . . . and then you actually have the power.

So the next time you are looking to double your dating success on or or J Date, think about using all the above techniques and you will find your inbox full of other things besides the usual junk mail and Viagra spam.