I always get emails from people about dates, and what are the best things to do on them. People are always asking me, “is dinner and a movie okay?”

Sure, dinner and a movie are great – if you want to sit there in silence and stare at a screen for two hours. You drop them off at the end of the night and you haven’t learned a thing about them the entire evening!

How about going to a movie and bringing a picnic into the movie? Having a picnic during a movie is always fun. You can hide it in your manbag! You can whip out this great little sushi meal as you watch The Return of Godzilla! You could even make the food fit the theme of the movie.

How about watching the sunset? Most people think, let’s go to the beach and watch the sunset. It’s like kissing on New Year’s Eve – how cliché. I read something recently in a magazine that I thought was a cool idea: why don’t you paint the sunset?

Go to the store and get two paint kits and actually paint the sunset. Whether you are a professional artist or a stick-figure artist (like me) you will really be able to interact with the person you are painting with. You could ask them, “so what made you put the sun to the right?” “Why does your stick figure look so much different than mine?

What about a Sunday drive? Instead of just cruising to the beach or a lake, why don’t you go to open houses? I’ve talked a lot about this in some of my products. Take a look at some of the houses in both the good and the bad neighborhoods. Get an idea of what each of you like in a house.

This will bring up a lot of interesting conversations between the two of you as well. Even if a house that you look at isn’t really that great, you can talk about it and it will give you an idea of the depth of her character

And when you go and visit the McMansions you can take a look at it, have some fun and really pretend that you’re interested in buying the house. It can be a really fun day.

Here’s something I’ve read about but I’ve never really done it: shooting clay birds. I don’t know, I’ve never really seen a clay bird. I have a bird in my office two days a week, but I’ve never shot clay birds in my life. Apparently it’s quite fun and a good idea for a date. Go figure that one out.

So there are some new date ideas for you.

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