Something that keeps coming up in the emails I get from women is, “How do I connect with men?”

It seems like you’re getting better at opening up to men, and you understand why you can’t be pinned to your iPhone the whole time, but the problem is still connecting with men, getting them hooked, and getting away from the flakers. Another problem you seem to be having is meeting men who are insecure and panic when they don’t hear from you for a few hours.

All these problems can be overcome using the power of future pacing. So what is future pacing and how does it help you connect with men?

Well, future pacing is where you say something that suggests your relationship has a future; even if it’s only a few hours. Here’s an example…

“Oh I haven’t been to the theatre for so long. There’s a great movie out next week we could go to.”

Or, “Have a great night with your friends tonight. If you get lonely when you get home come round and snuggle into bed with me.”

Both these comments show the guy you’re interested, it shows you plan to be with him for the foreseeable future, and it gives him something to look forward too. Guys are like big dogs, and need reassurance. We need to know we’re doing the right things, we need to know you’re happy dating us, and we need to have something to hook onto.

As simplistic as it might sound, future pacing like this is a great way to keep a man interested, and keep him coming back for more. All the advice you’ve had about ignoring his calls, or pretending to be busy, is a load of bull. That doesn’t keep men interested. It’s game playing and real men don’t want to play games. In the video below I take a closer look at future pacing, and give you some examples of how you can use it in your own interactions with men.

It’s a simple concept, but extremley powerful so pay attention!

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