Club Game By Khiem

Right now I am in the process of redesigning my website. Yes, I don’t like my homepage either. When the site is completely redone, you will see some new additions to the team. Some of you already know Khiem from the comments he has posted on the blog. He is going to be our guest blogger today.

For all of you guys who keep asking me about having a forum here on the site, the blog comments work exactly the same way. So get in on the blog comments and you will see that the dialogue is every bit as good (if not usually better) than any of the forums that are out there.

Also, you will notice that I am starting to add audio coaching throughout the day to the comments portion of the blog on practically a daily basis. So check it out, listen in and get some really great tips that will help you excel in your connections with the opposite sex.

As all of you know, I’m really all about casual everyday encounters and “day game.” It’s not that I don’t understand “night game.” I’m not Wrigley Field you know . . . I prefer most of my games to be played in the bright sunlight, but I also know how to play an occasional night game from time to time.

Khiem enjoys the “night game” a lot, and really wanted to share some great ways to attract women in bars and club. So, without further ado, here’s Khiem:

Thank you David! It is always fun to see how we can meet people in any situation, especially when you understand how to connect with them. Meeting people in bars and clubs is actually not that different from meeting them during the day. The energy is definitely different though.

In bars and clubs, women are there to have fun. It always surprises me, however, how many men are there to hunt. These are the men standing against the wall, drooling, and strategizing how to approach the women. What they really should be doing is going up to those women and having fun with them.

Unless a woman is really on the hunt herself, she is NOT looking to hook up with you tonight! So instead of thinking of clever lines to say to a woman when you approach her, why not bring some great energy and just have fun with her.

For example, when you’re at the club, invite a girl to dance. If you’re not a dancer, then joke around with her . . . tease her.

When you’re at the bar, don’t talk about your job or your miserable life. Again, women are out at a bar or club because they want to escape from those things. Help her escape the mundane daily boredom of her life.

So walk up to a woman and be playful. Be unique. Be intriguing. Don’t worry so much about hooking up with her. If you guys can have fun together, she will want to have you around again. If you can include her friends in that fun, it’s even better.

The difference between day game and night game is really the energy that’s involved. Everything David teaches about “day game” can be applied in clubs and bars. So the energy you bring into a club or bar will be the difference in how you are able to connect with the women there.

The energy you bring can be seen the moment you enter a bar or club. When most guys walk in to a club or bar, they scramble around looking for their friends or looking for “targets.” Instead of doing that, as you walk in take a moment to stop and scan the area. You’ll be surprised how many people will notice you.

You may also be surprised at how many people will smile at you. Those are the people you want to go talk to first. If you really want to meet or pickup a girl, don’t make it harder on yourself.

Whether you like the first few people you talk to doesn’t matter. You’re there to be social, have fun and connect with people. Even if you don’t care for these people, the way you are interacting with them will make all the people who are looking at you wonder who you are. Now you have the power of intrigue on your side.

So then how do you approach the girl you actually want to meet? First, don’t hesitate. People are just looking to have fun, so you don’t need the perfect line to start a conversation.

Make a quick observation or use an assumption. Here are a few examples:

“Hey you guys are fun. What are you guys doing? You are being loud and you’re going to have to keep it down. I’m trying to dance.”

“Wow, you guys can dance – but can you do this?”

“Why are all the girls in this bar so friendly? Are you friendly?”

The key point of your opener is not what you say, it’s your delivery. You need to be excited to be there. Interestingly, the girl doesn’t even have to like your opener for it to be successful. She just has to accept it.

It’s your follow-up that counts. If you make it even more fun for her to be there because you are there, she will want you to stick around.

In addition, if your friends are with you then don’t be afraid of introducing her to them. Your friends can speak well of you to her. Thus by sheer association, if you have cool friends then you are going to be seen as even cooler.

At a club or bar, it’s better for you to be the fun, social guy than the “hunter.” I’ve seen a lot of “hunters” enter a club in a group, but then once inside they disperse immediately and never see their friends again until the end of the night. Don’t be that creepy guy!

Girls are not stupid. Girls in a big club or bar will always ask you who you came with that night. You don’t want to be that guy who points in twenty directions looking for his friends.

Hanging with her friends and having fun with them will always help you in terms of how a woman will perceive you. After you have fun and really connect with her, then you can pull her aside and decide whether you want her number or whether you want to go for a quick hook-up. Either way, your follow-up should be made within 24 hours.

So bring all the great conversation and connecting skills David teaches into your “night game.” Bring your great energy. You will have great club game.

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