To block the profile or not to block the profile. That is the question.

Every single day it seems you hear a story of somebody who’s baiting somebody.

Something felt a little off on a date.

The next thing you know, they checked and guess who was online, active within the last 24 hours? That’s right. Your loving boyfriend.

The man you thought was so in love with you. Here he is, canvassing to see whether or not he can find his upgrade.

This happens a lot.

Men who just claim they love you.

Men who claim they want you to meet their family.

Men who want you to meet their friends and hang out.

Men who do all the things right in being a boyfriend. And then all of a sudden something happens. There’s this momentary shift and your female intuition starts going crazy. Some people call it a spider sense, other people call it just a female intuition.

And then you go and you check, and you check, and you think to yourself, there’s no way in the world… no way that this person could be back online. And sure enough, you go to their profile and it says active within 24 hours.

You get angry. You get pissed. You don’t know what to do. You almost want to send him a screen shot and say, look, asshole.

What is going on?

When you do confront them that way, because you’re in the heat of the moment, and you’re angry, they’ve always got a reason for it.

Excuses like, their phone has the app, and the app must’ve turned on, or they must’ve pressed the app by mistake, or the app was updating and it just shows active within 24 hours.

Nice try, because the only way the app is active is if you press your finger on the app. And you, well, open the app, and you show that your active on the app.

So they’ll come up with excuses, and that’s why when you catch them, I strongly suggest you do not — and I repeat, DO NOT — confront them right away.

Why? Because if you confront them right away via text message, guess what’s going to happen: they’re going to be able to read the text message.

They’re going to be able to show the text message to one of their friends.

They’re going to be able to craft an answer.

They’re going to be able to come back with their excuse.

So that, in turn is not going to allow you the surprise that they have waiting for them.

That’s why I prefer to go the old-fashioned route…

When you catch a cheater or you suspect the cheater, what do you do?

Well, you confront them face-to-face. You show it to them face-to-face. You literally look and say, I want to show you something on my phone.

And then you show them — that’s right — the active within 24 hours screen shot that you have.

And then you sit back and you listen.

If they stammer, if they look the other direction, if they can’t look you in the eye, you’ve got them.

A liar can never look someone else in the eye. They’ll look you in the eye for a second and then they’ll look up and they’ll try to figure out the story. It’s almost like they’re searching for a story in the sky.

They’ll look up at that story and think to themselves, what do I say? They’ll immediately spit something out after they look up. Why?

Because they don’t know what to do. You caught them red-handed. They might come up with a good excuse. I was showing my uncle. I was showing him my old Match profile just to get him online. Or I was showing my friend, Bobby.

If they come up with that excuse, it’s really simple.

You look at them and say, can I see your sent e-mails, please?

Can I see the profiles you viewed?

If they haven’t viewed any profiles or sent them e-mails, maybe they did show their uncle Bobby their profile. Maybe they’re telling the truth.

But if they sent one e-mail, or they answered an e-mail, or they looked at profiles, the relationship is over. It’s done.

You can hear their excuses all you want, but the fact of the matter is you caught them cheating. That’s why you do this face-to-face and not screen to screen.

Got it? Good.