Here’s the number one problem with dating.

Too many people bring out the representative.

The well-behaved Mr. or Miss Big Promiser.

You know, they do things they would never ever do.

They tell you things they would never ever say before.

They’re not being true to themselves.

You see cracks and warning signs and other things, but the representative is always so charming and just so engaging.

When you have conversations, they’re consistently giving you the best version of themselves. Sometimes they’re actually giving you the false version of themselves.

Why are they doing that?

They’re doing that because they think you’re amazing.

And you might be giving your representative as well.

They’re attracted to you, they don’t want to blow it. They don’t want to miss the opportunity of being with you.

But the problem is, there are two styles of dating.

And most people choose the representative style of dating.

To me, I choose the authentic style of dating.

What you see is what you get.

I’m a very unfiltered man.

I don’t think about what to say.

I don’t filter myself at all.

I’m not going to tell the world that I think one of my exes is the greatest person in the world if I’m pissed off at them and I’m feeling other things.

I talk honestly about my kid. I talk honestly about my life. I speak honestly about my business.

I speak honestly of how I feel. If something doesn’t resonate with me with somebody I’m talking to, I’ll let them know it in a kind, loving way.

I’m not perfect at all. I fuck up, and I share my fuck ups.

I’m authentic and it took me a long time to be authentic because I’ve been out with so many representatives.

I’ve had relationships where women have looked at me and they’ve been romantic and awesome, and that’s important to me.

Candles and conversations and great love-making? Sign me up.

But I’ve been with quite a number of people who show me those things in the beginning, but in reality, once the relationship becomes cemented, once they feel secure in the relationship, they drop the representative.

And what do they do next?

They show me who they really are.

Authenticity is the only way to date.


Because then you’re showing somebody everything that you are. And it shows that you’re proud of yourself, your quirks.

Your habits.

You’re being so true to yourself.

There’s no reason to take somebody down a road where four months later they’re angry and pissed off because you’re not what they thought they were.

Bring on authenticity, folks. You’re amazing for who you are.

We’re all unique, we’re all special. And wouldn’t you prefer to have somebody fall in love with the real you? Let them see the real you. Let them feel the real you. Let them understand the real you. Let them support the real you. That is what love is all about.

Love is not about them falling in love with the representative.

Love is all about them falling in love with authenticity, the authentic beautiful you that, for some reason or another, you are hiding.

Let out the authentic you. It’s the only way to date.