Catchy title, isn’t it?

The other night, I had to run out. My other half was sick.

As all of you know, I’m into holistic medicine and herbs, but I’ve got to tell you, I have one secret when I’m sick or whenever somebody else is sick: Nyquil.

You can take the herbs all day long, but nothing beats a good night’s sleep to get rid of your cold.

Anyway, as I was laying around in bed with my girlfriend, watching a repeat of Billions (and I’ve got to tell you, re-watching Billions is as fun as it was watching in the beginning),I realized something: be careful what you wish for.

There are people who would have no problem screwing somebody over for financial gain.

They’ve got no issues with it at all.

They are low vibrational humans.

They can’t make it in this world on their own.

So they hustle people out of money. They make up stories.

They play the victim.

They find ways to continue to hustle money. And as they do that, they’re burning bridges left and right.

You may have gotten over on somebody, but maybe somebody just let you get away because you were a rat and they just paid you to get you out of their life.

But one day, you run out of luck.

One day the luck just runs out. You’ll run into somebody who doesn’t put up with your shit and literally gives you the lesson of your life. You get into trouble, financial trouble. You’ve got nobody to call because everybody who could have helped you wouldn’t help you if you were the last person on this planet.

Not a chance. You call them because you think, well, maybe they’ll help. Maybe they’re not fully onto me, low vibrational scumbag I am.

They pick up the phone and they listen to your garbage and they wish you luck.

Be careful burning bridges in life.

One of the things I always try to do is not to burn bridges.

I don’t really want people angry at me. As you know, I answer all my own customer service e-mails.

If a customer wants to refund a program, I always offer another program in exchange. I even sometimes offer my time to help them through their problem.

I do this because I want people to have a good feeling to be around me because I truly believe in life that if you put good out there into this world, you’re going to get good back.

Because if somebody is a bridge-burner, and you’re constantly hustling or working other people, or just not really being full of ethics, it’s going to come back.

It’s going to bite you in the ass.

It’s going to bite you in the ass every single time.

So look and see how you conduct your life. Look and see how things are working for you in your life, because ethics and your word is all you have.

I pity people who try to get over on people, because eventually, a door is going to be shut and they’re going to need help, and there’s going to be nobody there willing to give it to them.