I now want you to think: Who is your favorite male character in a TV show and why?

Write it down and send it my way.

I’m going to tell you mine and what my bromance show is all about.

Damian Luis.

Paul Giamatti.

Eric Bagosian.

And all the other actors and actresses who are on this Showtime show called Billions, which is probably the best TV show on the air by far.

The writing is absolutely brilliant.

Probably one of the greatest written shows ever because everything is so well thought out.

The twists, the turns, the plot lines.

If you will follow the story correctly, you’ll see the inner workings of this complete David versus Goliath dynamic that’s going on.

Damian Luis plays a character named Bobby Axelrod.

Paul Giamatti plays a character called Chuck Rhoades. They’re adversaries.

It’s good versus evil.

Chuck Rhoades plays the district attorney of the seventh district, whatever the seventh district is.

He’s after money, greed.

All hedge fund guys are evil.

They make all this money, they create their own rules.

And god damn it, Chuck Rhoades is going to make it big time.

The show is expecting another new season and just about the entire show is always about Chuck going after Bobby Axelrod. They’ve got this dynamic going on, the duel to the death. No matter what Chuck does, he’s going to find a way to nail Bobby Axelrod.

Because money is greed, money is power and for some reason or another, making money and playing by your own rules seems to be, well, illegal.

There are so many cultural things that are going on as well. The haves versus the have-nots.

But here’s what’s interesting about it.

When it comes to Chuck Rhoades’ dad, there’s simply no difference from Bobby Axelrod. He collected tons of money, property, like stock market games. He’s got all types of things.

In the show, his dad basically does things that are probably even more illegal than Bobby Axelrod.

But yet, Chuck Rhoades isn’t going after his dad at all. Dad has got a trust fund for him. Dad has given him money when he needs it.

But his dad is not the evil empire. Bobby Axelrod is. Interesting. I guess it’s okay for it to have a father who’s corrupt and let him get away with it compared to a man who runs a hedge fund.

The same man who runs the hedge fund is the same man that employs Chuck Road’s wife, who is enabling his wife to make millions and millions of dollars.

That’s what makes the show so great.

Chuck doesn’t want to look in the mirror and realize his entire life was paid for by Bobby Axelrod.

But no matter what he does, he’s after Bobby Axelrod all the time.

And it’s kind of like we are in society. For some reason or another, people who make the most amount of money are always looked upon as evil. Most have done something wrong to make this money.

But in reality, they just played the game, the way the game was supposed to be played. They figured out how to make the game work in their favor.

And is there anything wrong with that?

Check out the show. The season 2 finale is tonight. You can get it on iTunes or watch it on Showtime. By far it’s one of the best shows out there.