Go ahead, try it. Google love.

What comes up when you Google love?

Maybe the definition of love.

Maybe somebody who gives you a couple tips on how to fall in love.

But let’s talk about love, really.

Love is a feeling.

It’s not a switch we can flip on and off. It’s a feeling. Did you ever meet somebody that was really good, but you just didn’t feel them?

It happens all the time when it comes down to dating. Love is a feeling that we have. Some of us call it “chemistry,” but that’s not what love is all about.

You see, chemistry is an illusion of love. Chemistry is a dangerous thing. Chemistry is really just your brain on dopamine going absolutely crazy.

A lot of people say they want to find somebody they have chemistry with. But in reality, fuck chemistry.

You want to find somebody who’s your best friend.

You want to meet your best friend that you can have sex with.

I have found that all relationships that flooded me with the feeling of chemistry from the get-go turned into relationships that never amounted to anything in the long run. And aren’t we in it for the long haul here?

Aren’t we playing long range? Don’t you want a relationship that lasts, and lasts, and lasts.

You see, I truly believe in love. I think love is one of the most amazing things that you can possibly have. But the problem is, most people put almost little or no effort into their love relation, their love search.

People will spend days and weeks working on resumes. They’ll go out to there and interview for the absolute perfect job.

They’ll turn down jobs they don’t want, but when it comes down to love, you’ve gone on a few dates, you’ll get really frustrated, and then you’ll pick the next person that comes around. And you’ll date “just good enough,” and fall in love with “just good enough.”

And maybe you’ll have kids with Mr. or Mrs. Just-Good-Enough.

That’s not what love is all about. See, love is a process. Love is about understanding yourself. Love is all about understanding who you are, and it’s about being vulnerable.

A friend of mine, a woman by the name Carrie, is absolutely one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met

Every time I look at her I think to myself: Man, not only is she my type as a physical standpoint.

But she’s my type emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

So you ask why are we only friends?

Well, her love blueprint is not aligned with mine. And I found this out the very first time we had tea over a year ago. That’s right. In less than an hour, we both knew we were in different paths and respected that on all levels.

And since that day, we have become friends who connect on deep levels and support each other when we see each other.

That’s how powerful knowing both your love blueprint and someone else’s is.

It is dating insurance that prevents you going down the wrong road and when you truly respect someone you have truly arrived on the path of love.

So this is all I saw in her right away, but once again I had to find out if our blueprints matched.

Her vulnerability and her authenticity is so amazing.

But there’s one thing that won’t work:

She wants babies. She wants a child, she wants a family.

I don’t want babies. I want a family, I want a relationship. But I already have my child. I already have my kid, and I would never deprive somebody of having what they truly want. No matter how attractive I am to them, or how much I want them, my job is not to convince them that I’m the one for them. I respect their journey, I respect their path.

And the man that ends up with her will be an amazing man, because she deserves it. He’ll be lucky to have a woman of that caliber whose done that much work on herself, inside and out.

You see, I already know what I know about myself, and there’s no reason to convince somebody of something that I’m not going to do, no matter how beautiful and amazing the woman is because I believe love is an abundance when you know exactly what you want. When you stand in your sacred no, and you stand in your sacred love, and you stand in your sacred yes, you go out and you find what you want.

That’s why I put out the program The Love Blueprint: so you can actually find out exactly what you want and attract it into your life. Check it out!