I’m going to ask you a question right now that I truly want you to answer as well. You don’t need to answer it in the blog right now. You can answer to yourself.

What is your definition of love?

Do you even know your definition of love?

What does love mean to you?

What is your definition of how you want to give love?

What’s your definition of how you want to receive love?

What’s your definition of what a loving partnership is all about?

What’s your definition of a partnership?

Do you believe in marriage?

Do you want a family?

What do you desire in a sexual relationship with someone?

What’s your definition of great sex?

We all have a unique blueprint when it comes down to love & sex.

We’re all very unique in many different ways.

The way I express love, and the way that I want to receive love, might be totally the opposite of the way you want to give love, and the way you want to receive love.

Every date that you go out on, you’re going with somebody who may or may not receive, and show love, the way you do. And they may not be able to give you the love that you need, want, and desire.

One of the biggest decisions that we make in life is the person that we’re going to be romantically involved with. Yet, it’s one of the decisions that people make based on instant attraction, chemistry, and all other things that mean absolutely nothing to a long lasting, loving relationship.

You can’t have a long-lasting, loving relationship if you don’t truly know exactly what your own unique definition and blue print of what love is truly all about.

I want to be adored, and admired.

I want to feel smart around my woman.

I desire to connect with her in a deep emotional level with no walls. I don’t do drama when it comes down to love.

I actually want to be seen. I want someone to see my faults, embrace my faults, help me through my faults, love my faults when they come up.

I want to be able to explore one another on levels that we’ve never been explored before. And I could go on, and on. I could talk about my sexual blueprint. I love long love-making sessions.

I’m not a really big quickie person. I enjoy the occasional quickie but most of the time, I like big marathon, foreplay, and kissing and touching sessions, that lead to eye-to-eye contact during sex. And I can clearly go on about my sexual blueprint as well.

You see, I fully understand who I am…

…and I love myself for who I am, and that way, I’m able to show up exactly who I am. I’m not looking to date and fall in love with something that doesn’t fit anymore.

I’ve had those relationships, and I’m sure you’ve had as well.

Those relationships never seem to really work out.

We’re hoping that somebody will change, or we’re hoping that somebody will see us for, well, exactly who we are.

We’re hoping to see the wonders of who we are.

I like to get real. Those relationships don’t work because you don’t understand your own blueprint.

You see, when you fully embrace your love blueprint, your unique love blueprint, that you actually have, then…

Guess what happens?

You’re no longer accepting scraps, you’re no longer hoping somebody’s going to be something that you want them to be, you’re just going to accept somebody for who they are. Right from the get-go, right when you first start dating them, and you’re going to be able to let them go, and realize they’re just a wonderful person, but not your wonderful person.

You know what, we’re going to hope, and pray, that somebody grows up, or somebody sees the relationship the way you do. You see, when you embrace your love blueprint, you’ll be able to communicate it to somebody on a date.

And it’s no different that communicating your needs, wants, and desires that work.

It really is that simple, and understanding your own blueprint will really give you the best dating insurance that you will ever have.

That’s why I’m proud to announce after doing my love blueprint seminar many times, I put together an amazing program called The Love Blueprint — so you can do this. And it’s such a beautiful experience to see who you are and what you’re all about.

And it’s even more beautiful, and more amazing when you’re able to really explain who you are to other people.

Check out my Love Blueprint program here and watch the special free video I recorded — and I promise you that your life will never be the same.