This is a very interesting topic, and one people have asked me over and over again to write about here in the blog. Can you be friends with an ex?

Can you be buddies with someone you were formerly intimate with for five years? Can you be really good friends with someone you were formerly living with while simultaneously moving on with your life?

Can you really tell your ex that you are dating somebody else and remain friends? Can you actually help your ex find happiness by being their friend and still keep the good relationship with your current significant other?

You spend a lot of years with someone, and you build an unbelievable friendship during that time. You are learning everything about that person from months (and years) of talking to them, living with them, taking vacations with them, being completely intimate with them, and sharing tons of magical moments with them.

Why would you want to throw that all away? You’ve developed such a great friendship with someone through sharing all of these other parts of your former relationship with them.

So if a relationship doesn’t work out (which, by the way, a lot of them don’t), then what are you going to do? You have this person with whom you had a great friendship and relationship. The relationship part — whether because you stopped communicating sexually or on an emotional level — didn’t end up working. Are you just going forget about the friendship, move on and discard that person entirely?

That person is someone with whom you shared amazing things. That person is someone with whom you can continue to have a friendship.

I think ex’s can be friends. I think ex’s can be friends with no problem, in fact, as long as both parties have moved forward and embraced their new lives apart from each other.

If you have communicated with each other in an open and honest manner, then friendship is definitely possible. It is very important to be honest and open. If you are dating somebody else, you need to be able to tell your ex.

If your ex is truly a friend now and you want to get into that “friend zone” with your ex, you need to be able to tell them all the things that are happening in your life (the good, the bad and the ugly). What happens when you do this is you are allowing your ex to be able to clear their energy, and they’ll then be able to move forward in their energy.

If your ex can’t see and meet the person with whom you’re currently in a relationship, then they’re not the friend you thought they were in the first place. A true friend wants to see you happy. A true friend wants to meet the person who makes you happy.

Don’t push your ex’s away. Keep them. Cultivate them. If you have an amazing friendship with one, don’t ruin it because great friends are hard to replace.

You know what’s funny about ex’s, is you have to find new ways to meet to the next ex. Meeting people online, which we never really talk too much about, is a great way to do this . . . if you know the ins and outs of online dating.

There’s things that you have to live with when you date online, like everyone being younger than they actually are. People online never seem to have a birthday. It seems like people who are in online dating never age.

I remember when I was doing online dating, that everyone seemed to be an age that ended with a “9.” If they were actually 33, they said they were 29. If they were really 48, they said they were 39.

That is what makes online dating such a challenge. You have to be able to weed through the liars and the fake personas before you can find the people for whom you’re really looking. For instance, I found that people who really talked about memories in their profile instead of putting lists in them tended to be more receptive to being contacted.

I’m proud of one thing about online dating. I’ve released my first online dating product which shows how to cut through all the bullshit online, and shows men how to connect to a woman’s core.

Really, the world of online dating is no different than dating in the real world. Both require a lot of the same skills. You have to know how to intrigue them, how to weed through the pretenders, and you have to have great follow-up skills. The main difference is how to utilize those skills in the online context.

I found online dating to be really easy when I was doing it, and in my first video product I show men how simple it is to date online and how fun it can be. If you want to check out the special I’m having on the launch of this brand new product in honor of my month-long birthday, then click here. (See I told you guys I was going to celebrate my birthday MONTH this year!)