You’ve met somebody, and you truly believe that he may be somebody that you’re meant to be with. And then all of a sudden, he vanishes.

You don’t get it. You don’t understand. You have no idea what happened. Everything seemed to be going so well… you did everything right. You gave him space when he needed space.

You were open and honest about your past relationships with him.

You were fun.

You waited long enough to sleep with him, and yet, he still seems to be withdrawn from you.

What is it? And why is this happening?

Here’s the Big Reason Why…

You missed the warning signs. You see, you were so big on being a good girl.

You were so into just being perfect for him, you were so into making sure that he was happy, you weren’t seeing what he was actually presenting to you.

You see, when a man withdraws from a relationship, it means you’ve actually been missing the signs the whole time.

You’re not really seeing him for who he was.

I know that whenever I withdraw from a relationship, it’s just that I’m not really 100% thrilled about the person I’m with.

And I’m giving her all the signs.

Yes, I’m giving myself chances to get to know her, but I’m not really magical with my follow up.

Because when a man is truly into a woman, he will literally do everything he can to make sure she feels safe and secure on a daily basis.

The Warning Signs Are Always There

It’s just that you didn’t see them, because you weren’t looking for them. And, if you’re truly honest with yourself about the relationship, you’ll find that you didn’t want to see them.

A lot of women will spend time getting to know a man, making sure she’s not doing the wrong things, but not paying attention to him.

And when that happens, you’re missing all these little things. Why? Because you’ve already created your story about him.

But, if a man does not make you feel safe on a daily basis, he’s basically been withdrawing the whole time.

That’s the #1 big warning sign you need to look for every single time: does your man make you feel safe on a daily basis?

Is he making you feel safe?

And most importantly, is he allowing you to have the space you need for you to grow? Or are you just allowing him to feel safe and secure?

Think about that the next time you’re with a man.

And really think about the person that he’s presenting to you.

Because when you can see that person for who he truly is and not the story you’ve created, you can see the warning signs miles down the road.