Buzz Buzz
By David Wygant

I know what you’re doing with that phone between your legs. I know what you’re doing, you naughty girl. You naughty, naughty girl! You’ve got that phone on vibrate, and you’re just hoping that I keep calling you over and over again.

That’s right, naughty girl . . . squeeze those thighs together and keep sending me to voicemail. The more I go to voicemail, the better it feels. Not only that, but if you have a BlackBerry then the phone will also vibrate every time you get a text or an email.

Do you think when the phone companies came up with “vibrate” mode, that anybody thought that women could use it as a new little toy? Now I know some of you ladies are thinking “There’s no way anyone in the world is using their BlackBerry to masturbate!”

Certainly we men are not dry humping our BlackBerries or our cell phones. Admittedly, there have been times I have joked about a woman using a BlackBerry to masturbate. I really WAS joking about that . . . until I received a certain email the other day from a woman who identified herself only as “No Longer Sleepless In Seattle.”

Now, granted, I receive a lot of STRANGE and interesting emails . . . but this one I am about to reprint below takes the cake. I just don’t know why people feel like they can email me about absolutely anything.

Please don’t stop the email from . . . cumming . . . though, because I do find them amusing and entertaining. This one, however, is by far the most bizarre email I have ever received.

The woman who wrote it gave me permission to reprint it in its entirety in the blog. I also think she’s a bit of a voyeur. In any case, here’s her email:

“Hey David –

Love your blogs and LOVE your Women’s Mastery Series! It has really helped me in my dating life, so much so in fact that I have four men that I am dating right now.

So one day I was driving my car and I had my BlackBerry between my thighs . . . and it was on the vibrating mode. All of a sudden, I got a few text messages that came in back to back which I was unable to answer because I was driving. I was about 10 miles away from my exit, and the phone just kept continuously buzzing with the arrival of text messages and emails. The more it vibrated, the wetter my pussy became.

By the time I was about 2 miles from my house, I realized that the warm sensation in my pussy was starting to build. I am an extremely orgasmic woman, and it’s really not hard to get me to cum. But was it possible, I wondered, for my BlackBerry to get me off?

I was SO close . . . all I needed was just one more text message to come in. So I squeezed my legs together really tight to keep the sensation, and quickly sent a brief text message back to one of the guys I am dating.

Then I jammed the phone really tight between my legs and waited for the final text that would bring me over the edge. Sure enough, that text came . . . and so did I!! Let’s just say that it was the most pleasant ride home I’ve had on the freeway in a long, long time!

David, I’ll bet that no woman has ever purchased your Mastery Series and because of the great results was able to get off with her BlackBerry! So I don’t know if you can use this for a testimonial or if you just feel like printing it in your blog, but I have to tell you that it was the most bizarre (yet unbelievably great) thing that’s every happened to me.

Thanks to your Women’s Mastery Series I am not only able to date 4 guys at a time, but because those guys are all pursuing me heavily they have ALL started texting me. It’s because of those texts that I was able to have a mind-blowing orgasm on I-5. Thanks David!!!!

No Longer Sleepless In Seattle”

I just couldn’t resist sharing this woman’s story with all of you today. Now, of course, you know I have a question to all of the women reading this blog: Have any of you experienced this phenomenon and, if not, would you like me to test you over and over again in traffic?

I will bet, though, that the next time you borrow someone’s phone you will definitely be wondering where that phone has been . . .

Not only did most of us never think that our BlackBerry could be used in this way . . . but I’m sure the Beach Boys never thought about what “Good Vibrations” really were at the time they sang that song . . . “Got to keep those good vibrations . . .”

Todays video is all about understanding why women masturbate…..just kidding but that would be a great video!!

Todays video is really about how to meet women right now in everyday places.