One of the funniest things about Los Angeles is that you always feel like you are on a movie set. Here is a perfect example.

The other night we went out to dinner, and sitting right behind us were Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. I was actually looking directly at Tom Hanks and had no clue that it was him, until Sonja said to me “Did you see Tom Hanks sitting behind us?”

I am clueless when it comes to celebrities. I could be staring directly at a celebrity and would have no idea. That just shows you how much I don’t care about any of this! To me, people are just people.

Anyway, it’s Monday. Welcome to a new week and something with which I want to kick start it . . .

There is something that all of you need to do this week. You need to break up with some of your friends.

There are friends of yours who just really no longer suit your lifestyle. They could be friends with whom you just don’t have anything in common anymore.

Think about why you’re still friends with some of your friends. Perhaps you shared your gum with them in the fifth grade and then got drunk together for the first time in the eighth grade, so you feel like there is a reason you should still be friends with them.

If they’re holding you back, though, you need to start breaking up with them. You want to spend your time with people who don’t hold you back in life. You want to be with people who actually share the same goals that you have. You want to be around people who want to move forward in life.

So you need to go to take a good look at your phone, and you need to eliminate the numbers of people with whom you no longer connect. You don’t have to physically break up with them. Don’t call them up or send them a letter.

In your own head (and phone), you just need to start breaking up with the people who no longer fit your lifestyle. Life is about change.

Many of you out there get stuck in “stagnant world.” I have met people who will actually tell me, “I have all the friends I need.” If you have all the friends you’ll ever need, then you are not growing as a person.

I like to open my life to new friends every single day. If I can meet new friends, it means that I’m growing and learning new things. If you stick to a routine, you’ll never grow!