I just got off the phone with a client and I had to share this with all of you.

I could not wait till tomorrows blog……I think all of you will enjoy this!

There is no reason in life to take things personally.

If you truly respect yourself – if you really think that you’re a great person – then if someone else doesn’t like you, you won’t take it personally.

It just means that you might have some stuff to work on. You have some stuff to do.

Life is just like a mirror – we attract exactly who we are so we can learn the lessons we’re ready to learn.

So if you’re getting blown off on a regular basis and you’re feeling really bummed and obsessing over it, there is a lesson there that you haven’t yet embraced. You haven’t looked deep enough into it.

You have to look at yourself and think, why am I getting blown off? What am I doing to cause this pattern in my life? Something that you are doing is perpetuating that pattern.

Don’t take the rejection personally, just realize that there is something in your life that you have not done, there is something you need to do to work on yourself first.

You haven’t learned all of the lessons from the relationships you’ve had in the past. Every relationship in your life gives you a lesson that you need to learn from and embrace.

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So if you’re getting blown off and thinking to yourself, god, why does everybody hate me, there is something that you are missing; you need to go deeper into it. Look deeper into why you are getting blown off and then work on that part of you.

It could be that you’re too needy on the first date. Maybe people are blowing you off because they see the desperation in you.

It could be that you haven’t gotten laid in a while, and you come in with way too much sexual energy that is overwhelming. Instead of letting the sexual tension build, the woman literally feels your dick growing under the dinner table – and it doesn’t turn her on!

There are a lot of things that you have to start looking at within yourself. Many times people don’t want to look within themselves, but remember that you are the cause and effect of everything you do.

You have to look deeper into it.