“Hey girl on the blue bike! Come on up here so you can meet four drunken guys!” That’s basically what I was privy to hearing the other day as I was coming home from a bike ride with my girlfriend.

What is is about men screaming at women to get their attention? Has this ever worked? Do guys actually think women will respond to this . . . or at least women who they would WANT to respond would respond to this? Are these guys as drunk and stupid as they appear to be?

For more about this ridiculous approach, check out today’s video at the end of the blog that I just posted on YouTube. Also, for those of you who want to really learn the right way to approach women, then you’ll really appreciate today’s blog . . .

You know, a lot of you think you know me and a lot of you want to know more about my personal journey to become who I am today. You want to know about fear and how I overcame it.

You read the blogs, you read my newsletters, you watch my videos, and you think you know who I am. In reality, though, you only know what I’m telling you.

In life, you only know what people are telling you. You only know what people are sharing with you. You only know whatever story they’re telling you.

What is your story? People always hide behind stories. Our stories are things we create in our minds and what we share with others.

Every story that I have been sharing with you is my story. You have filled in the blanks. You have decided that I must be a certain way based on the facts I have provided you.

That’s what we do in life. It’s so interesting.

People ask me all the time, “David, Why did you get involved in this business?” Do you know why I got involved in this business? It was because everything I teach is something I once needed to work on myself.

A few months ago I read some of my old journals to my girlfriend. Some of them were over ten years old, and others were over twenty years old. What I found out by reliving my past in those journals is that my own personal experience and personal journey is no different than yours.

I wanted to go out and find love just like many of you. In some of the journals, all I talked about was finding love, believing in love, wanting love . . . and asking why I couldn’t seem to find it.

In one journal I talked about a woman I was with at the time whom I ended up marrying. After I married her, I realized she was not the one for me and I was so frustrated by that. At that moment in my life, I wasn’t sure I would ever find love.

I even become very soured on the idea of love for a while. In one journal entry, I mentioned thinking a friend of mine who was going to propose to his girlfriend was crazy to want to get married.

I was new in the business at that time and, although I was teaching guys how to meet women every day, I was soured on the idea of romance.

I had to work on myself from the inside, just like all of you are doing. So I understand the journey so many of you are on right now.

The reason that I never wanted to teach “pickup” was because I always wanted to be authentic. I want all of you to be authentic.

The only way to find love and a great relationship is to be authentic. The only way to be authentic is to keep working on yourself.

I also learned from my journals that I really struggled for a time with the old “monkey chatter” issue that I talk to all of you about all the time. In some of those old journals I had entries all about what I wished I could say, what I wanted to say, and what I didn’t say to so many different people. My head was so full of monkey chatter, it was ridiculous.

I spent a long time working on myself and getting rid of all that monkey chatter in my head just like you are working on doing. The reason I now have such an amazing relationship is that I can actually tell my girlfriend how I feel.

It is really hard for me still at times to completely share how I feel, but if you are going to be authentic in life (and in dating) then you have got to communicate how you feel without worrying what the response will be. If someone truly loves you, they will process whatever you say to them and give you an honest, real and authentic answer.

The power of self-love and working through all your issues will really allow you to attract the person you want. As I’ve said so many times before (but it’s so true), you attract what you are in life. After doing all this work on myself, I attracted the woman who surpassed all my dreams.