I just talked to a client of mine.

She told me something that got my attention.

She ‘hates it when a man tells me that I’m a tease. Or gets angry because I don’t want to have sex with him on the first date.’

I’m still shocked when I hear about certain male behavior.

But that’s why I’m here, to help coach that out of them.

I also tell my lady clients to ignore it.

Because here’s the deal: real men who have sex on a regular basis, real men who understand women don’t ever say that—ever.

The guys that never, ever have sex are the guys that say things like that, and do you know why? It’s because they rarely get the opportunity to have sex so they become hyper-aggressive and emotionally attached.

Like terrible Texas Hold ‘Em players, they just showed their cards.

They basically told you, “Hey, I’m insecure, I rarely ever have sex, I’m not around women often enough, so guess what? God, I cannot believe I’m not going to have sex with you because I won’t have another date for another six months.”

Please, Dude, you really need to start understanding the way women think.

Let the buyer beware, ladies. You better beware of that guy. So the next time a guy looks at you and says, “What do you mean we’re not going to have sex, what do you mean?! You’re such a tease!”

Look at him and say, “What are you a boy, you can’t handle being teased?”

Being teased is great. A real man can appreciate a little teasing. (I say ‘a little because you also want to be careful of over-teasing and pushing him away.)

I love to tease and I love being teased because it’s all part of foreplay. And I know that the more you tease me, the hotter sex is going to be.

Take full control of him. Look directly in his eyes and challenge him, because a real man will never say that. The boy will run away and the real men will stay.

Sometimes it’s necessary to literally pull the man out of him. Or to help dissolve the boyish layers of him so the real man emerges. That’s your power as a woman.

A real powerful woman isn’t afraid of looking a man directly in his eyes and calling him out if necessary or challenging him if necessary. The more often you rise to the occasion, the more powerful you become, and the stronger men you’ll attract.

It’s a beautiful dance this dating thing is.

Pushing, pulling, dipping, swinging—constantly upwards, constantly upwards.