Are you a back talker?

That is, are you somebody who won’t talk to people to their face – so you talk shit about them behind their back?

There is nothing I disrespect more than back talking. I don’t respect someone who can’t look me in the eyes and talk to me directly – someone who badmouths me behind my back. I find that to be the most disgraceful way of addressing something.

I don’t honor people who talk behind other people’s backs. I don’t honor people who don’t look me in the eyes and tell me what is on their mind. I don’t respect somebody who can’t talk to me face-to-face.

If anyone has an issue with me, I want to hear about it. I want to discuss it, because that is what a real friend would do.

Do you know anyone who is a real back talker? Or are you somebody that has been a chicken in life and decided to talk behind people’s backs?

Really, I think that back talking shows something important about your personality. I think it shows something about your development and your confidence level. A genuinely confident person will talk to somebody about the things that bother him or her. They won’t talk shit about somebody.

Shit talkers and back talkers are people who are really insecure. These are people who don’t really know themselves.

Do you know of any back talkers in your life? Or have you been one at times?

We’ve all talked shit about people behind their backs before. We’ve all done it. But hopefully most of us have stopped doing it – it really is one of the ugliest traits anyone can have.