American PsycoDo you know what women’s number one fear is when they’re online dating?

Women’s greatest fear about online dating, is that the guy will turn out to be a serial killer. Not Captain Crunch, or Fruit Loops. Then he’d be a gay serial killer, but normally any one of the “Psycho” derivatives is what women are most afraid of. What I’m about to reveal is the difference between men and women online, and the reason why so many times we don’t understand each other.

Are you ready to discover men’s biggest fear about online dating? Are you ready for the big reveal?

Now this isn’t necessarily 100% of men online, but a huge majority. Ready?

They worry you’re overweight!

That’s right. Men are terrified you don’t look like your profile picture and that you’re heavy. They also worry you’re older than you say, and that the worst photo of yourself is what you really look like, and not the prettiest photo.

Isn’t that funny?

They worry more about those things than they do about whether you’re going to come over and kill them.

You could burst through the door and stab him in the head. As long as you’re a tall, leggy, blonde he’ll be cool with it. But seriously, most guys find online dating so hard, they’re just happy they got a response from you in the first place. They’re so shocked they got a response, they assume you’re not who you say you are.

Most guys fish online for so long without women responding to them. When they get a message from you they start to think you’re overweight, in your 80’s, or desperate. They almost don’t believe online dating can work.

There is another big fear men have about meeting you online. And this is a killer. They’re terrified you might be a MAN. It’s never happened to me, but so many guys get screwed online by other men pretending to be women. Most the time it’s lonely geeks that still live at home, teasing men all day pretending to be swimwear models!

It’s amazing how different the sexes can be when it comes to dating. So many guys are stabbing in the dark, hoping and praying that one of the women they contact responds to them. The last thing they care about is if you have baggage, or you’re slightly unstable. It’s only once they meet you and find out you’re crazy it becomes a problem.

(I’m just kidding of course!)

So, there was a little lesson on the differences between men and women’s online dating fears. Women worry about being murdered, men worry they’re being turned on by a spotty male geek, or a heavyweight pretending to be tiny.

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