The Power of Crib Tonight By David Wygant

In order to have the most amazing sex of your life with a woman you need to learn how to resist her sexual come ons and make her want it more than you.

The best sex is when a man is able to act like a woman and say not yet, you need to wait till i am ready.

The power is in your hands not theirs.

Most men will go out on a date with a woman, catch a little buzz, and at the end of the night they’re hoping and wishing that sex comes. Most women will go out on a date with a man, and she will hope and wish that she has some kind of mental connection with him. So already both camps are trying to achieve different results.

A woman is ready to have sex with you when she knows that you are a mental challenge, and when she is intrigued with who you are. A man is ready to have sex with a woman the minute she says “Let’s get naked!” It could be five minutes into the date, or three hours into the date . . . most men don’t care as long as it happens.

These are things you already know. But what you fail to realize, is that to have the best sex of your life with every woman you sleep with, you need to learn the art of resistance.

When most women want to sleep with a man, they will start telling him with verbal clues and body language clues. For instance, they will start talking about sex during the course of a date, not once but many times. They may say that you’re too dirty for them. They may say that all you think about is sex. They may say that they are turned on by men who are powerful. They may just say any sexual innuendo. What they’re telling you when they do this, is that they’re dirty and that they want to get dirty with you. Now to get a woman to this point may take a day, it may take a week, or it may take a month.

What most men will do whenever they do get a woman to this point, is to get naked immediately. Men want the pay day. And that is a big mistake.

Women are wired sexually according to the “resistance theory.” They resist you as long as they can, until they become like a spoiled little child and they want your dick then and there. 99% of men will give it to them. That is a man’s Kryptonite . . . that is his weakness.

What will happen if you do give in to them, is that you will have some good sex that evening . . . not great sex, but good sex. What also happens by giving into the Kryptonite is that you may just have sex with her only that one night. The key to the Kryptonite theory is not to get weak when the Kryptonite first shows up.

See, women will play in their head debating whether to sleep with you, hence all the playful banter. If the playful banter increases more and more every day, that is her internal dialogue debating whether to sleep with you. Once the internal dialogue becomes too much to resist, she will drop sexual hints all night long. That is when a woman becomes sexual Kryptonite to a man. Let’s go deeper into this.

As soon as the sexual Kryptonite appears, you need to resist her at that moment and show her why you’re Superman. A woman knows that by being overtly sexual to a man, the man will cave in . . . just like Superman caves in to Kryptonite.

Now, the power comes from understanding the dynamic of a woman’s mind. By caving in when all the signs point to sex, shows her that you are just like every other man. So even though she says she wants to have sex with you that night, she really wants you to resist her. She wants a man that is in complete control, and only a man that is in complete control will resist her that night.

The minute you cave in and give in to the Kryptonite, you’re on the down side of losing her. Sleeping with her the first night she becomes overtly sexual towards you, is showing her that you are weak like every other man she’s known. Now this is not saying she dates weak men. But she is looking for the strongest man. She’s already dated you before. She wants to date new, fresh and different.

When you push a woman away and resist her, you are showing her that you are stronger than her. Women want men who are stronger than they are . . . they want a man who is able to stimulate their mind and able to unlock their inner dirty girl.

So let’s say the Kryptonite comes out, and you’re in front of your car literally ten feet from your front door. The bed is calling. You know in ten minutes you can be naked with her. You haven’t had sex in six months. You have the typical male mindset that since you haven’t been laid in a while, that this might not happen again. That is why it’s called Kryptonite . . . you become very weak at the very first signs of sex, and that is the reason why you don’t get laid on a regular basis. So you start kissing her. She moves up against you, knowing that each movement against your body is weakening you further . . . that the Kryptonite is making you weak in the knees.

But what it’s really doing is weakening your mind, and not setting you up to have an even more amazing night the very next day or the very next week. She wants you to have sex with her, but even more than that, her female mind is also wired to want you to resist her.

If in the above scenario you do resist her, she will go home frustrated and wondering why you didn’t sleep with her. She used all of her tricks on you, tricks that never before failed her. She kissed you in a way that always works. While you were standing against your car, she pressed against you. None of these things ever before failed her. On the way home and even the next day, she’ll start thinking “What is it about him? What do I need to do to turn him on?”

She is going to start to become obsessed with having sex with you. The roles are going to reverse. She’s going to talk to her friends about what happened. Women spend time with their friends talking about every detail about sex. She will then start to wonder why you didn’t cave into the Kryptonite. She is basically going to spend the entire next day wondering what it’s going to take to break down this new found Superman.

See, if you had slept with her, she would have spent the whole day wondering whether she slept with you too soon and debating whether sleeping with you was the right thing to do. These thoughts create a feeling of “I don’t know if I can ever see him again . . . why did I do that?” By not sleeping with her she instead becomes obsessed with figuring out how to get you to sleep with her.

So now that you know this, what you do is let her simmer. You lob a text message in late the next day, saying something like “Had fun last night . . . maybe next time I’ll let you see my front door :)” What that does and what that shows her is that you’re in complete control over her sexually. This will put more subliminal thoughts into her head . She’s going to think about how she can get you to that front door, because once she does she’s going to lay every dirty girl trick she knows on you to get inside that front door. Now on a subconscious and conscious level in her mind, she’s firing on every sexual cylinder she has.

So now when she texts you back, she’ll say something like “I’ll get you to that front door.” You’ll text her back, saying “Always up for a challenge . . .” Most guys at this point will cave in and say “Let’s hang tonight.”

Instead, this is where you should push her back one more day. Because even though one day of obsessing about sex is great, by holding her off one more day you will elevate it to an even higher level So what you do is to either call her or text her and say “I’d love to get you to that front door tonight, except I promised my friend dinner. Why don’t we hang tomorrow night early.” This will drive her crazy for another 24 hours, which in turn will get her mind working even more on how to seduce you.

Once you master the art of resisting the Kryptonite, you will start to have the best sex of your life . . . because you’re going to start to have sex understanding how a woman’s mind works. By using the power of Kryptonite, you’re actually giving women what they’ve always wanted. By using the power of Kryptonite with a woman, you’re not screwing around with her, you’re actually doing what she’s actually always wanted a man to do, but what no man has ever done.
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