I was at the gym tonight, and I was thinking to myself, “Life can get lonely at times.”

Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and you’re alone. You go through your day, and you’re alone. You’re doing your thing at work, and you’re doing it alone. At night, you go to the gym. You do your thing. You do it alone.

When I was walking home from the gym tonight, I started peeking into all of the houses. Looking at all the apartments, the condos, and the lofts. I live in this district in the Marina, and it’s basically a little bit of a loft district. I could see all the people alone, watching TV, sipping on a glass of wine, eating dinner.

I realized a lot of people are lonely out there. I know this from what I do for a living. I know this from all the emails, letters, and requests I get each and every day. It’s amazing when you start looking at it that way. Sometimes life can be a little lonely. Then again, why don’t we do anything to change that?

So many of us live our lives in a box. We spend all our nights home alone in our little cubicle homes watching television, which is another cubicle. Looking at a computer, which is another cubicle. We spend days inside a cubicle at work. Your whole life is a cubicle.

You’re in a box. You drive your car, which is a box, or take the subway box to get to your box home. You’re staring at a box, and you’re sitting in a box all day. Some of you even wake up and read from a cereal box. We spend all day confined in man-made boxes, but in reality we’ve confined ourselves with the way we conduct our lives.

Think about that. You’ve actually boxed yourself into your life.

You’ve boxed yourself in so much, you don’t even know how to get out sometimes. You don’t know how to leave the box you’ve created. Granted you may see friends, and do some other things, but in reality, you’ve just created this box.

Life can be lonely at times. That’s why it’s so important to go out there and connect with people every day. Every minute of every day when you see someone you’re attracted to, you had better open up your mouth, and you better talk to them. If you don’t, you go back to your box at work, or go home to sit in your box, and stare at your flashing box ON YOUR OWN.

When I was kid, my parents used to stop me watching television too much. They’d say, “David, stop watching that idiot box, and go play with your friends. And they were right. The longer you spend in your box world, the harder you’ll find it to escape.

I hope this motivated your ass today to get out of your box, and try to create a circle. Because in a circle you can hold hands, and pull people in.