A lot of people think that they are takers.

Many people – both men and women – start dating somebody and they realize that all that they really want from the other person is sex, and they start feeling bad.

They start thinking to themselves, this is just a sexual relationship – I don’t want to give them the wrong idea.

And then they feel like they are taking something from the other person, and they begin to feel really guilty about it.

In reality, you’re just experiencing that other person. There are no promises being made. The other person might be just taking from you as well.

For all of you that cut your experiences short because of guilt, here is a word of advice: the next time you are dating somebody and you think that they are falling for you, realize that they might just be experiencing you as well.

Here’s another word of advice: the next time you are dating somebody and you’re just fooling around and having some fun, why don’t you ask them where they are at? Ask them what they want from the relationship.

You might be surprised. They might also be just enjoying you sexually. They might be just enjoying getting to know you. They might also be using you as an experience.

Of course, I’m not talking about using people in a cold or callous way – I’m just telling you to be a little bit more upfront and to stop assuming that the other person is falling in love with you.

You’ll know it when someone is falling in love with you. You’ll feel it in your soul, in your heart, and in every inch of your body. You’ll feel it in every conversation you have together.

So stop with this ego. Stop with the ludicrous way of thinking. Stop worrying so much about the other person. Start enjoying the experience of another person. Start enjoying the gift that the other person is giving you.

Who knows what you might learn?

In todays video we go over how to get out of your head and enjoy the opposite sex.

Lose the monkey chatter forever!!