A lot of couples like to define themselves certain ways. My girlfriend and I were sitting around having lunch the other day and talking about how we hardly ever fight. I mean, we’ll get into something and we’ll have an argument (which all couples do).

Do you ever run into couple who say they never have an argument? If you never fight, though, it’s almost like you have no passion.

If you never fight or have a misunderstanding, you probably have a relationship where you tend to accept everything. I’ll hear people say things like,k “Yeah, my husband was seven hours late today. No big deal. I don’t care.”

I always thought that couples who don’t find tend to have a sex life with a similar lack of passion. A good argument once in a while is good, and disagreeing with your partner is all right.

The key thing about fights in a relationship is how your resolve them. When you fight, do you resolve it by making up or do you let the argument linger?

Another type of couple is the one in which one person controls everything. The person who is not in control in these relationships is always being reprimanded.

Do you ever go out and you see this happen? The poor guy or poor girl is always being reprimanded in public by their partner . . . always. I have a friend who was this “poor guy” with his ex-wife. Whenever they would be out together, she would say “I can’t believe you. How could you act like this?” She was the controller in that relationship.

Then there are those couples who just love to fight. They are always picking a fight with one another. My college girlfriend was like this. These people love to fight. Their life is about fighting.

A lot of couples fight non-stop because they really don’t like each other and they’re miserable. They’ve given up on meeting anyone better, and they have accepted being miserable.

So what type of couple are you? Are you a fighter? Are you a lover? Maybe you’re a combination of both. Let’s hear from you.

Today’s video is all about men and there lack of manners. Its the little things that women notice.