What kind of dater are you?

Are you the guy who listens more to the woman more than he talks, or are you the one who does most of the talking?

Are you the one who likes to please, or are you the one who likes to be pleased?

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he dates. Is he curious about the woman? Does he connect with her on a deeper emotional level? Is he fun? Is he trying too hard to be funny?

There are so many things you can learn by just watching two people on a date together. There are so many things you can learn by just watching how a couple interacts with each other.

Do they act ‘lovey-dovey?’ Are they ‘touchy feely’ with each other? Do they seem completely engrossed with each other, or do they look like they live in their own world?

What kind of vibe or energy do you feel from them? Based on the kind of dater you are, I can always tell what kind of relationship you’ll have.

My question for you today is this: Do you know what kind of dater you are (and do you know what kind of relationship that means you will ultimately have)?

I want to hear what you today about what kind of dater you thing you are, and how you think that has affected what kind of relationships you’ve developed in the past.

If you want to create the most amazing relationships possible, then it’s time you start paying attention to the kind of dater you are. In today’s Podcast, I reveal how to be the kind of dater who knows how to REALLY connect with someone on a first date, and how to get that second date. Also find out why whether there is a second date is almost always exclusively about YOU.

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