Remember that Beetle’s song “All We Need Is Love”?

Well, it’s true.

But what stops us from getting the love that we need?

If you pay attention closely enough, you’ll see that it’s our egos.


We protect ourselves so much.

A woman might meet a man, and thought she feels like he’s everything for her, she’ll have walls up around her heart—“protecting” herself—and that possible relationship goes nowhere.

When you have walls up around your heart, what happens? Walls don’t come crumbling down by themselves. And if you expect him as a man to take those walls down, then forget it, you’ll never have the loving relationship that you need.

To love is to drop the walls. But first you have to drop the ego, because the ego is what’s protecting the wall.

All the past relationships that ended have nothing to do with the relationship you have right now.

But because of your past experience, because of what you’ve gone through in the past, you’ve built these walls, and when you build these walls, you expect and hope that a man can make them come tumbling down.

But us men can’t do that. We’re capable of many things, but wall destroying is a personal matter.

All your walls are for you to bring down.

When you bring your own walls down, it enables you to feel, and experience, and then you have no outcome.

You never know what the outcome is going to be ever, in any relationship. You have no idea what a relationship is going to be like until you get into it. But whenever you put an expectation on it, or allow the ego to “protect” you, the outcome usually is one thing, and one thing only:

Complete and utter failure.  

When I love, I love freely. When I love freely, if I don’t go get back free love, then I know I’m with the wrong person.

I trust everyone. I’ve been burned many times before, as we all have. But I still continue to trust, because without trust, you’re never going to be able to get love.

So start trusting yourself again.

And use the power of your courageous, free, trustworthy love to find a man that can love you back just as intensely.