Acting on impulseImagine if we lived in a world full of impulses. What would the world be like?

Would it be chaotic? Would it be fun? Would it be sexy? Would it be daring? Would it be spectacular?

I suppose it depends on which impulses we are acting on. As you know, I dictate when I drive. I love it, because in Los Angeles, if I drove and didn’t dictate, I’d lose my mind. So today while I was driving and dictating a blog for you to read, somebody cut me off. Now there’s a way to cut somebody off in traffic. You don’t cause the other person to slow down.

When I cut somebody off, I make sure to speed up. I put my car in between their car and another car, so they don’t have to break. I respect it. There’s a respectful way to cut somebody off, just like there’s a respectful way to do everything in life. So as I’m driving down Venice Boulevard, heading back to my house, a guy cuts me off. I honk.

What happened?

He gave me the finger. So my first impulse was to immediately pull in front of him, stop the car, get out, and break that little finger of his in half. That’s an impulse I would not act upon, though it does trigger in my brain. Imagine being out every day and breaking somebody’s finger because they give you the finger in traffic.  It’s just not going to work.

But there are other impulses that are good for you to act on. Human impulses you have been ignoring, or suppressing. Impulses we should learn to act on. Good impulses. You see somebody you want to give them a hug if they’re down and out. Give them some money. Doing great things for people, telling people how you feel. Those are great impulses. Those are the impulses that I want all of you in 2015 to start training yourself to become the most authentic, powerful, vulnerable, and impulsive person you can be.

If you see a man that you’re attracted to, smile. Please. Just put down your phone and smile. Your whole life will change. If you see a man you like on an online dating site, tell him you’re fascinated by what he wrote. I want you to join a very impulsive honest quest that is going to benefit you. It’s called ‘acting upon real impulses’.

You have them every single day. We’ve been trained not to act on our real impulses. We’ve been trained to manipulate. We’ve been trained to be inside our heads, not acting upon things. Not saying things we should be saying. Those impulses are impulses that I want to train you to start acting on.  This year’s going to be a very powerful year, 2015. We’re halfway through a decade, we’re halfway through another decade, another change.

I’ve got a seminar coming up called The Love Blueprint. It’s about the power of authenticity. It’s about understanding the opposite sex. It’s about communicating better with the person you date. There’s going to be lots of role playing, lots of one on one work and group work. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I’m going to show you how to act upon all your good impulses. I want you to join me.